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UN investigates treatment of Ecuadoran anti-mine activist

“The United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights is investigating allegations that pro-mining factions framed a prominent critic of a Canadian mining venture in Ecuador in order to stifle opposition…Carlos Zorrilla, a member of the Ecuadoran environmental group DECOIN, was accused of assaulting and robbing an American woman at a July 13 demonstration in Quito [...]

Victory for the Environment in Ecuador!

Developers of the Junín project, a potentially devastating mining project in the Intag region, have been sent back to the drawing board. Canada’s Ascendant Copper Corporation proposes to mine copper near Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve, a protected area in northern Ecuador that includes a cloud forest and one of the world’s most biologically diverse ecosystems. Defensa [...]

Arrest Warrant Against Carlos Zorrilla Revoked But Charges Still Stand

On November 16, 2006, the 10th Penal Judge of Pinchincha, Dr. Luis G. Mora A., revoked the arrest warrant issued against Carlos Zorrilla. Zorrilla had been in hiding since the highly irregular October 17 police raid on his home. He is now free to come and go, but the trumped-up charges against him still stand [...]

Thanks from a mining activist in Ecuador

From EarthWorks: “When you told me of the thousands of letters sent supporting me, I thought that in the midst of this insanity and travesty of justice, there is a bright side. And it is a very important bright side — the fact that there is this impressive and committed group of people who care. [...]

The Police Raid on My House

“For nearly three years I, along with other leaders of the resistance to Ascendant Copper Corporation’s mining project, have been subjected to countless instances of intimidation, including death threats, criminal lawsuits, and very dirty defamation campaigns against DECOIN and me personally. I knew I was one of the main leaders they were after, and that [...]