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Liars in High Places

The recent media stunt of Bush and Blair insisting that the invasion of Afghanistan was the right thing to do, despite finding no weapons of mass destruction has me nauseous. We need look no further than the tens of thousands of tons of depleted uranium that were used by U.S. forces in the ’91 Gulf War, and since then in the Balkans, Afghanistan and the current conflict. Depleted uranium is already banned by several United Nations rulings on armaments, but the US, as usual has gotten away with deploying it in the war theatre, in spite of their own, and our troops being affected, sometimes lethally, by its’ radiation.

There is already a generation of children in Iraq who have developed astronomical rates of cancer from exposure to the dust of DU, which is pyrophoric by nature, burning up into dust after it punctures tanks or bunker shells, which is why the American military prefer it. Being a by-product of the nuclear industry, it’s also cheap.

But how can the use of something so vile and evil, with a half-life of billions of years, still allow these men, and many like them to pose like statesmen and lie with a straight face? Unnecessary death and suffering have a price, and that should be the label on these men as war criminals, not decades from now, but now.

Andrew Graham
St.Andrew’s NB

Laibar Singh Safe in Sanctuary

As people have likely heard by now, Mr. Laibar Singh was not deported on yesterday December 9th at 4:30 am and remains in sanctuary in Guru Nanak Sikh Temple in Surrey. The last minute notice of the deportation and the removal time of 4:30 am was a deliberate and under-handed attempt to thwart public outcry and support. At 4:00 am, approximately 300 supporters gathered to protest and bear witness to CBSA’s enforcement of a deportation in violation of sanctuary. In light of a major backlash for violating sanctuary and in the presence of hundreds of supporters, CBSA backed off from the deportation.

Big Oil and Big Media vs. Venezuela

High-level US officials from the administration, Congress, and Pentagon are pressuring the puppet Iraqi parliament to pass its new “Hydrocarbon Law” drafted in Washington and by Big US and UK oil companies. Its provisions are in stark contrast to Venezuela’s oil management policies under Hugo Chavez. For Chavez, his nation and peoples’ interests come first. In Iraq, however, Big Oil licensed plunder will become law if the parliament agrees to accept what its occupier and corporate interests demand. At this stage, it’s nearly certain it will clearing the way for stealing part of what a US state department spokesperson in 1945 called “a stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material prizes in world history” – the vast (mostly Saudi) Middle East oil reserves.


We communicate to the national and international community that on Wednesday, January 9th 2008, during the morning hours Wilber Moisés Funes the Mayor of the Alegria a municipality governed by the FMLN in the Department of Usulután, and Zulma Rivera head of the Acquisition and Contracts Unit of the same municipality were assassinated.

The crime took place in a community knows as “Las Casitas” during a visit to supervise projects. Zulma Rivera died at the crime scene while the Mayor died at the ISSS Hospital in the municipality of Santiago de Maria.

Moisés, age 31, was one of the youngest Mayors’ elected in the country, he was dedicated to projects that brought about benefits to the poorest communities and defended the interest and the patrimony of the municipality that he presided over, so is the case of the Alegria Lagoon project, which was privatized illegally by the previous municipal council.

We condemn this horrific crime and we demand that the General prosecutor of the Republic, Felix Garrid Safie, quickly, objectively and independently investigate the case.

Our condolences to the families, militancy of the FMLN and the people of Alegria.


FMLN Political Commission San Salvador, El Salvador
Wednesday January 9th 2008

Gunning for more trouble

As a federal election looms, Afghanistan observers are awaiting the late-January report of John Manley and his cherry-picked panel on Canada’s role beyond February 2009, when the current mandate expires.

Laibar Singh remains in Canada!

On December 10, 2007, more than one-thousand protesters at the Vancouver Aiport helped to stop the planned deportation of Laibar Singh, a paralyzed refugee claimant from India. On the early morning of January 9, 2008, Canadian Border Services Agency officials again tried to deport Laibar Singh, attempting to remove him from a Sikh Temple in Surrey, British Columbia. But, hundreds of protesters blocked their way. Laibar remains with friends near Vancouver, but still faces removal.

No to the Renewal of Security Certificate Legislation Bill C-3!

Canada Must Stop Abusing Human Rights!


Vote on Bill C-3 Postponed!
Keep up the Pressure to Stop Secret Trial Legislation in Canada!
- Urgent Action Alert, Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada –

The Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada points out that the vote in the Canadian Parliament on Bill C-3 did not take place prior to the holiday break in the House of Commons.

Stop Secret Trials in Canada is demanding “that Liberals, Bloc, and Conservatives NOT bring in new law to allow for indefinite detention without charge, secret hearings without the detainee or their lawyer present, draconian house arrest, and deportation to torture.”

The Campaign is calling on people to take the following actions:

1. Petition
We are collecting signatures on petitions and hope to have tens of thousands of names on them by February 15, 2008. Please download the petitions, take them with you everywhere, and send them in once filled out.

2. Contact MPs from Today through the end of January
We ask that you:
a. Call-in/email to demand that “Public Safety” committee members (listed below) reject the new bill and stop behaving in a manner that reflects that anti-democratic nature of security certificates by shutting down opposition;
b. Call your own MP and demand that they take a stand and vote against C-3. A list of MPs and how they voted (or whether they were even in the House) is available (click here). If your MP is an NDP-er or one of the two Liberals who have shown some backbone, please consider calling someone else on the standing committee (click here for their names and contact information).
On Tuesday, January 15 and Wednesday, January 16, the Campaign is also launching a Martin Luther King Day Freedom Caravan to Stop Secret Trials in Canada in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, and Scarborough.
The organizers state that, “Groups of individuals will gather on January 15 and focus on westend MPs between 9 am and 4 pm. We will do the same for central and east end MPs on the 16th. Each hour we will focus on a new location for a peaceful vigil, presentation of information on C-3 (the new secret trials legislation that will be voted on at the end of January), and symbols of what MPs can use to help stop C-3. For example, former goalie and current MP Ken Dryden will be handed a ‘Block C-3′ hockey stick to help him save the Charter, etc. Others may receive a backbone, a copy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, or similar symbols.”
Those interested in joining all or part of the caravan should contact the Campaign at or (416) 651-5800 to register. The organizers also request that, “If you have a vehicle and can help get people around during these two days, please let us know!”

Letter to a Forcibly Disappeared Son

On February 23rd 1984, Oscar David Hernandez Quiroa, who served as a volunteer fireman, was forcibly disappeared by the Guatemalan armed forces. (1) Nearly 24 years later, an act to dignify the memory of Oscar was carried out in the Volunteer Firemen Brigades’ Central Station in Guatemala City. Oscar’s mother, Blanca Rosa Quiroa de Hernandez, has been working non-stop since that 1984 afternoon so as to locate her son’s remains. Her determination to find out the final whereabouts of Oscar have led Mrs. Quiroa to participate in the founding of both the Mutual Support Group (GAM) as well as the Association for Family Members of the Detained-Disappeared of Guatemala (FAMDEGUA) – both well established organizations with an important history in the country. In 2005, Mrs. Quiroa wrote a powerful letter to her missing son which was published in the book The Truth under the Soil: Guatemala, the Silenced Genocide and was read out loud by her during the event in tribute to Oscar.

Taliban chief chosen Musa Qala ruler by Hamid Karzai

Afghan president appoints an important Taliban commander as the new governor of Musa Qala district in the north of Helmand province.

Atomic Dreams

How the nuclear lobby is spinning liberals, lawmakers, and grassroots environmentalists