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Troops seize Honduran president | Al Jazeera English

“Manuel Zelaya, the president of Honduras, has been arrested by soldiers after he vowed to go ahead with a controversial referendum on constitutional changes … The non-binding referendum, which was due to take place on Sunday, would have asked Hondurans whether they approved of holding a poll on constitutional change alongside general elections in November.”

The President was removed in a coup d’etat.

Also see: Troops detain Honduran president | Los Angeles Times

You Provide the Tweets, We’ll Provide the Info War | Counter Punch

“Cable news now functions as a mechanism that selects from a haze of unverifiable information and amplifies its choices. CNN seems to be the best example. At least they’re upfront about it: an anchor previewed an upcoming story by saying they’d be bringing us reports “true or not.” Jack Cafferty noted that the information from [Iran] was “Alive but Cloudy”. Even their original segment on Green martyr Neda opened with the disclaimer “the facts surrounding her life and death are difficult to confirm.” This didn’t stop them from replaying the garish spectacle so often that it begs comparison with the paltry coverage of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani victims of US aggression.”

PSI blog on the Financial Crisis: Women, Stephen Harper and the Economic Crisis

–A new leaflet from NUPGE on women in the current economic downturn. – Privatization is real issue in municipal workers strike

–Support the workers. They are fighting for your public services.

Canadian sawmills’ profits at bottom of pack: report

Time to nationalize ‘em, then.

PM and Ignatieff ’saved the NDP from itself’ | G&M op-ed

“Bereft of both cash and ideas, like social democrats everywhere, the NDP is in big trouble. Firing some senior staff would be a good start for a party whose relevance is increasingly marginal. Sad times.”

ALBA Improves Name, Structure | Prensa Latina

“Starting from this 6th Summit ALBA will be called the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America or “The People’s Trade Agreement” (ALBA or TCP in Spanish), a sign of its growth and strength.”

Now We See You, Now We Don’t | Counter Punch

“President Obama has taken us into an expansion of Bush’s war on terror … [b]ut the methods used by U.S. and Pakistani military forces, expelling millions of people from their homes, failing to provide food and shelter for those who are displaced, and using overwhelmingly superior weapon technology to attack innocent civilians, — these methods will continue creating terrorist resisters, not defeating them.”

Also see: US Unmanned Planes Kill 83 Pakistanis | Prensa Latina

“US unmanned planes launched missiles against Pakistanis settlers attending a funeral in southern Waziristan tribal conflictive region … The first missile hit those attending the funereal and the second one hit a vehicles running away from the place after the explosion.”

Japan has passed law to allow themselves to attack Somali “pirates”

“Japan’s parliament has passed a law allowing the nation’s forces to open fire on pirates operating off the coast of Somalia. Opposing parliament members said the move could erode the nation’s pacifist constitution.”

Kenyan Mau Maus in UK court bid

Five Kenyan independence fighters who are now in their 70s and 80s have launched a compensation claim for human rights abuses under British colonial rule. The Mau Mau, which started as a grassroots Kikuyu movement to recover arable land appropriated by British settlers, evolved into a fully-fledged rebellion in 1952 that demanded Kenyan independence.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has said 90,000 Kenyans were executed, tortured or maimed during the British crackdown, and 160,000 were detained in appalling conditions.