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Action Alert: Colombian union leaders at Cerrejon coal mine in danger

Please find below an action alert from SINTRACARBON – the union of mine workers at the Cerrejon coal mine – where New Brunswick sources its coal. The union is negotiating a new contract with the mine and the lives of two of union reps have been threatened.

A few years ago, when the union was negotiating a contract with the Cerrejon mine, we got David Hay at NB Power to send a letter asking that the company to negotiate in good faith with the union. A number of organizations and unions across NB and Salem, Mass. also flooded them with letters.

Fredericton has a history of solidarity work with the Cerrejon workers and mine affected communities. Many of you met Jesus Brochero from SINTRACARBON when he visited us in Moncton and Fredericton in 2009. We also organized a fundraiser for the family of Adolfo Montes Gonzales, a union leader at the mine who was murdered in front of his family in 2008.

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Stop the War on Mali

The Government of Canada has recently announced that it is sending a CF-17 transport plane to northern Mali to add to the military buildup by the NATO powers in

the area. The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on the government to recall the plane and to cease any further contribution to the France-led mission. Read more…

Fredericton rallies for Gaza

About 80 people in Fredericton gathered in solidarity with Gaza over the noon hour on Saturday, November 24th. The rally was part of Canada-wide weekend events in solidarity with Gaza. more info

The rallies brought together people horrified by Israel’s latest assault on

Gaza that left 164 people dead, including 50 children, and over 1,200 injured. Read more here.

Rally for Gaza this Saturday, Nov. 24th in Fredericton

Israel has launched another offensive against the people of Gaza. In 2009, during “Operation Cast Lead,” the Israeli state killed more than 1400 Palestinian civilians, a third of which were children. They appear intent on repeating that brutality again. Airstrikes have killed 118 people in Gaza since last Wednesay, Nov. 14. Israel is now threatening to launch a ground invasion.

Join people worldwide who are condemning the ongoing seige of Gaza on Saturday, Nov. 24 at 12 noon at Fredericton City click here Hall.

Speakers include:

* Samira Farhoud, survivor of the 1982 Israeli invasion of Beirut, St. Thomas University professor, researcher and author on the Middle East and North Africa. Samira has recently finished a book on women autobiography in North Africa. She discusses women’s revolt and links to the Arab Revolution.
* Ruth Breen, with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Fredericton Palestine Solidarity and the Fredericton Peace Coalition. Ruth returned last week from the Occupied West Bank. She was there on a study tour with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.
* Samira Farhoud, survivor of the 1982 Israeli invasion on Lebanon
* Naveed Majid, spokesperson for the Fredericton Islamic Association.
* Jack Gegenberg, Jews for a Just Peace Fredericton, Fredericton Palestine Solidarity and Fredericton Peace Coalition.
* Jeff Brown, Fredericton Palestine Solidarity and UNB Professor of History.

Bring signs and banners that show your support for the people of Gaza.

The rally will be followed by a coffee break with Ruth Breen, a postal worker, who has just returned from the occupied territories on a study tour with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. All welcome!

Organized and endorsed by: Fredericton Peace Coalition, Fredericton Palestine Solidarity and Jews for a Just Peace Fredericton.

To endorse this rally, contact


Book launch of Yves Engler’s The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s Foreign Policy

Yves Engler is touring Canada this fall with his

new book, The Ugly Canadian: Stephen Harper’s Foreign Policy. Engler is an emerging Canadian author who has written several books analyzing Canada’s foreign policy in the Middle


In Fredericton:
Sunday, November 18, 4 p.m.,

at St. Thomas University, Brian Mulroney Hall, Room 101.
Co-hosted by the Fredericton Peace Coalition and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (Fredericton/Oromocto).

CBC: Omar Khadr returns to Canada

Omar Khadr has been returned to

Canada and is being held at a

maximum-security prison in eastern Ontario, after spending a decade at a U.S.-run detention camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Washington Post: US soldier forced to leave and arrested at border after losing her fight to remain in Canada

A U.S. soldier who fled to Canada to avoid the war in

Iraq has been arrested and detained at the U.S. border after losing her deportation case.

Kimberly Rivera, who lived in Canada for five years with her husband and four children, was issued a deportation order last month and given until Sept. 20 to leave the cialis generique country.

Let Kimberly Rivera Stay!

U.S. War Resister Kimberly Rivera and her four children and husband have been asked to leave Canada by September 20th.

There are 2 days of action planned for people across the country to show their support for Kim and her family.

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Friday, September 14 from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m., people will be petitioning and leafleting.

On Wednesday, September 19, people

will be holding demonstrations/vigils for Kim and her family from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

Check out the website, There, you can download petitions, letters to be signed, etc., material for actions.

Attacks continue on Colombian coal mine that sources NB Power with its coal

An alleged unit of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) blew up heavy equipment at the Cerrejon coal mine in La Guajira, Colombia on Sept. 4, 2012. NB Power sources its coal from Colombia. No one was injured. This is the fifth such attack on the world’s largest open-pit coal operation this year. Most of the attacks on the mine have targeted the railway that hauls coal to Puerto Bolivar, an export terminal on the Caribbean coast. Cerrejon is owned by Australian/London-based BHP Billiton, London-based Anglo American and Switzerland-based Xstrata Coal. Communities surrounding Cerrejon have been violently displaced to make way for the mine and Adolfo Montes Gonzales, a worker at Cerrejon active in his union, was murdered in 2008. Canada continues to promote Colombia as a safe and secure place to do business and through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) partly funded the rewriting of Colombia’s mining laws, which made Colombia a more attractive place to do business for Canadian mining companies.