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Peter Munk, Chair of Barrick Gold Admits Liability for The Desecration Of Lake Cowal Sacred Site, Australia

2 MAY 2007
Peter Munk, Chair of Barrick Gold Admits Liability for The Desecration Of Lake Cowal Sacred Site, Australia
At today’s Barrick Gold AGM held at the Convention Centre in Toronto, Neville ‘Chappy’ Williams, traditional owner of Lake Cowal and Western Shoshone delegates from Nevada successfully questioned the Barrick Gold Board of Directors during the live webcast. Shareholders were amazed and concerned the interveners had traveled so far to raise their objections
Peter Munk tried to explain why Barrick Gold shares continued their ‘disappointing’ decline in value whilst the mining industry is “drowning in liquidity” as he put it.
Peter Munk blamed Barrick Gold’s demise on NGOs who pressure governments to require too many permits before mining can commence. He cited 500 permits before the controversial Pascua Lama could begin construction in a glacier area on the border of Chile and Argentina. The Western Shoshone delegate, granddaughter of the late Mary Dann articulated her intense opposition to Barrick’s plan to mine her Peoples’ sacred mountain.
Next Neville ‘Chappy’ Williams too the microphone and passionately put his case and personally served a Notice to Quit on Peter Munk and the Board of Directors. He stated: “On April 07, Barrick’s mines manager, Bill Shallvey, refused to be served this document. As an elder of the Wiradjuri Nation I serve this document on Barrick Gold o behalf of the Mooka and
Kalara united families within the Wiradjuri Nation.”
The Notice to Cease Illegal Occupation of Lake Cowal includes: “Under Wiradjuri custom, tradition and Law/Lore you have received your three warnings. You must now respect the unceded sovereignty of the Wiradjuri Nation and cease all operations; restore the landscape; remove all equipment and replace all artifacts to their GPS’d positions.” We reserve our right to take further action as necessary.”
After the AGM Neville ‘Chappy’ Williams approached Peter Munk and stressed that Barrick Gold is desecrating the sacred site of Lake Cowal. Peter Munk tried to say he had so many employees he didn’t really know what Barrick Gold was doing.
Eleanor Gilbert, challenged this by saying: “But the buck stops with you Mr Munk. Ultimately you are the one responsible.” Peter Munk agreed. Neville Williams continued by detailing the desecration and stressed his right to religious freedom under section 116 of the Australian Constitution. As Peter Munk moved away he turned to Neville Williams and with a haunted look in his eyes said: “I’m so sorry.”
Media from Quebec and Chile recorded Peter Munk’s admission of liability. Later a shareholder approached Neville Williams saying: “I’ve got shares in Barrick. I’m thinking now whether I should sell my shares in Barrick Gold.”
In a peaceful demonstration outside the AGM supporters were handing out the Alternative Annual Report for Barrick Gold [] when two were roughly arrested for trespassing whilst they stood on the sidewalk.
Neville Williams
647 268 4440 or +61 421 795 639
Natalie Lowrey
National Liaison Officer
Friends of the Earth Australia
T: 02 4782 1181
M: 0421 356 067

Barrick protesters arrested

Two anti-mining protesters were arrested this morning outside Barrick Gold Corp.’s annual meeting at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

May Day 2007: Hundreds of Thousands March for Immigrant Rights

DN!: Hundreds of thousands of immigrants took to the streets on Tuesday in protests in dozens of cities across the country. Calls focused on demanding a path to citizenship for undocumented workers, ending immigrant raids and deportations and rejecting anti-immigrant legislation. We speak with organizers of the day’s two largest protests: Los Angeles and Chicago.

Barrick Gold Protests

See the video of the peaceful outreach action in Toronto and arrests of two activists for standing on the sidewalk and giving out literature:
Converge at Barrick’s headquarters to protest Barrick and celebrate the events of the day. Including Western Shoshone and Wiradjuri speakers, local activist groups and a round-up of the day’s actions internationally.

Letter from Communities in Resistance to Goldcorp

Tuj tb’i qajaw kyk’amonxe jun q’olb’eb’il, kuchiwt b’an atee twitz tx’otx’, ja ma tzaj q’on tun kynaje  tun Qma tuj Kyaj.
(In the name of our creator, receive our greeting, wishing that it finds you well in the land where the creator has permitted you to live).
With this letter, we wish to express to you the following.  With the arrival of the company (Glamis Gold, now Goldcorp) in 2002 through until today, gold mining has provoked many problems in our communities and territories.  Far from bringing us the “development” proposed by your representatives and our governments, this “development” has brought us the following:
In 2005, a private security guard of your company Montana Exploradora of Guatemala (subsidiary of what was previously known as Glamis Gold, now Goldcorp) killed a bus driver of one of the buses that transports passengers in our region.  This is what you call security?
Since 2006, when you began setting off explosions to open the earth to extract the gold and silver from our lands, 57 homes – where people from our communities live – have been divided or cracked.  Do we not have the right over our lands to live out our own lives according to our Maya Mam cosmovision?
What for you are wealth and riches are for us destruction and death, through the use of chemicals prohibited around the world, as you well know.
Mining for gold and silver provoked the drying up of wells that supplied water to 40 families, water wells that were used for families and animals. Because of the perforations and the water that leaves underground sources, our water supplies have dried up.  What source will now provide our water? Perhaps gold and silver can quench our thirst?
You, with your investments, come to our land and talk about development and security, but in January and February of 2007, Fernando Pérez and Francisco Bámaca were taken like criminals to jail by the national Guatemalan police and the army, after their homes were broken into in the middle of the night by your company, in our lands.  Warrants were also issued to capture: Francisco Salomón Bámaca,  Pedro Alejandro de León,  Cristóbal Eduardo Pérez, Rene Pérez Velásquez and Patrocinio Vicente López.
Because of the power your company has, and the investments you have made, 14 arrest warrants have been issued for community members: Lázaro Mariano Pérez Hernández, Porfirio Faustino Méndez, Felipe Gregorio Mejía, Leoncio Felipe
García, Mario Faustino Bravo, Ceferino Bámaca, Valentín Melecio Juárez, Ismael Castañón, Jorge Bámaca, Pedro Pérez Hernández, Gregorio Bámaca, Francisco de León, Santiago Mejía and Macario Cinto, … and all of this because these community members claim they were cheated when people from your company came to take away their lands with force and coercion, what you call “development”.
Our way of life is balanced with nature.  We don’t contaminate water sources and rivers, much less poison our animals, while you only come to take what is ours, and to kill our animals with chemicals.  Are we not people like you?  Perhaps you think only you have the right to live a dignified life?
Since the arrival of your investments, violence has gone up in our communities, in our towns.  Our way of life has been broken with nature, and community relations are threatened everyday, more and more, by the attitudes of the people who arrive in our territories.  Before, families were not divided.
Today, if we raise our voices against what is happening, the “security” forces of the company tell us we don’t have rights.
While you may believe only the white man has rights, we indigenous people also have rights.  We existed before the construction of States.  We are the true owners of this land, we are the great continent of Abya yala.
In light of this situation, we ask and invite you, shareholders of the company and people of Canada, to come and see for yourself the situation of which we are speaking.  Though your company says that everything is good, they don’t speak the truth.  We demand that you leave our territory as soon as possible and leave us in peace.
We ask national and international organizations to investigate the violations of our rights as Indigenous peoples, in particular the rights of the Maya Mam people of Guatemala affected by the Goldcorp mining company.
To the members of the United Nations, we demand complete monitoring of the actions of transnational companies that are present and working in indigenous territories.
Of you all, we are thankful.
Communities in Resistence,
Lic: Oscar Merida

Street Action against Goldcorp!

*Please forward widely – Apologies for cross postings*

Street Action against Goldcorp!
Protest corporate impunity!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
12:00 – 18:00
Hyatt Regency Hotel (Burrard at Georgia, beside Burrard Station).

On May 2nd, Join the EXECUTIVES OF DEATH as we take orders from Goldcorp CEO Ian Telfer’s double on the sidewalk in front of their Annual General Meeting!

A limited amount of skull masks and miner’s helmets will be available (bring one if you have one). Wear dark clothes & “office wear” if you can, and come ready to act out against corporate greed!

The AGM starts at 2pm, so come early if you can.

Videos and photographs will be displayed, and an information table will be set up to inform passersby about the dirty gold coming out of Goldcorp’s mines.

Press conference: 12:30, in front of 666 Burrard Street (Goldcorp’s HQ, across from the Hyatt).

For more information, email


BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Goldcorp inc. operates open-pit, cyanide leaching gold mines throughout the Americas. In 2006, Goldcorp acquired Glamis Gold, becoming the fifth largest gold mining company in the world.

Goldcorp’s operations in Central America are cause for great concern among local residents.

The San Martin Mine in Honduras has resulted in skin diseases and high levels of arsenic and lead in the blood of local citizens. Water supplies have been contaminated and diminished since the mine went into production, leading some local residents to charge the company of “mining terrorism” in their community.

In Guatemala, two opponents of Goldcorp’s Marlin mine have been murdered by state “security” and private “security” forces, and the Marlin mine has been rejected by local referenda, yet the company continues to push forward with gold exploration and exploitation.

In 2006, Goldcorp CEO and Vancouverite Ian Telfer came away with a $23,000,000 compensation package, profiting from the contamination and misery experienced by the people affected by his companies’ mines.

Join local citizens and activists, as well as members of communities affected by Goldcorp’s mines in Honduras and Guatemala to protest Goldcorp’s practices and to highlight citizen opposition to the impunity with which the hundreds of global mining companies with their headquarters in Vancouver operate.

The May 2nd action in Vancouver is held in solidarity with an international day of action against Barrick Gold, which includes planned actions in Toronto and Fredricton as well as in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Phillipines, Tanzania and the US.


2nd May 2007
10 am Wednesday 2 May 2007
Dasea Street, (off Muir, near Rookwood Road)
Chullora NSW
In support of solidarity actions across the world against mining giant Barrick Gold, concerned citizens in Sydney will blockade trucks transporting cyanide to Barrick’s mine at Lake Cowal, central western NSW.
Up to 6090 tonnes of cyanide is being transported from the Orica plant in Gladstone, Queensland, 1600km away, to Lake Cowal every year. The cyanide is being freighted by train over 20 rivers, through 10 national parks and through 200 towns and trucked through densely populated areas of Sydney from Chullora to Parramatta and the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.
“We want the facts,” said Cyanide Watch organiser, Graeme Dunstan. “We want communities in Australia to know about the possible threat from a cyanide spill to their public health and water ways.”
“The maker of the cyanide, Orica, the transporter, Pacific National, and the approver of its transport as a Dangerous Good, the NSW Minister for Planning, are all withholding the facts on the grounds of national security and commercial confidence.” Says Dunstan
The protestors demand to know how appropriate emergency response can be planned for a cyanide spill if the magnitude of the hazard continues to be kept a secret to both Sydney citizens and the responding agencies.
This action will be just one of many actions being targeted at Barrick Gold, the world’s biggest gold producer and cyanide criminal on the day of its AGM in Toronto.
More info:
Graeme Dunstan Cyanide Watch 0407 951 688
International Day of Action Against Barrick Gold
The International Day of Action Against Barrick Gold solidarity actions
in: Australia; Peru; Argentina; Chile; Philippines; USA; Canada; Europe
and Papua New Guinea.
Download the Alternative Barrick Annual Report:
Graeme Dunstan
Cyanide Watch
0407 951 688
Natalie Lowrey
(Toronto, Canada)
+1 647 268 4440


Monday 30th April 2007
May 2nd 2007 with solidarity actions in: Australia; USA; Canada; Chile;Peru; Argentina; Tanzania; Papua New Guinea; and Europe.
There will also be an Alternative Barrick Annual Report, compiled by CorpWatch, with testimonies from communities adversely affected by Barrick Gold Corporation’s mining practices. This report will be handed out to shareholders entering Barrick’s AGM on Wednesday 2nd May in Toronto.
Solidarity Actions in Toronto, Canada, include Aboriginal Elders from Western Shoshone, Nevada, USA and from the Wiradjuri Nation, Lake Cowal,Australia.
Canadian-owned Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold producer, is exploring, building and operating huge, open-pit gold mines on nearlyevery continent on the planet.
Barrick’s mining operations extract and contaminate lands using tremendous amounts of water. An estimated 50 percent of mining operations occur on Native Lands. For many Indigenous Peoples, who often rely on their environment for food and necessities, mining threatens not only their livelihood, but also their spirituality and traditional way of life. These new “modern mining” projects leave thousand-year legacies of acid mine drainage, destruction of ecosystems, disease, and regional climate change. Riches in the form of gold, silver and copper are exported to first world shareholders, leaving behind poverty, dependency and pollution.
However, once-isolated communities are suddenly uniting and strengthening in their actions to halt Barrick Gold’s Big Mining projects. In the past few years, community groups struggling against projects of Barrick Gold Corporation on five continents began communicating together, and this year they have joined together for the first time to call for this
International Day of Action Against Barrick Gold Corporation.
On May 2, 2007, communities around the world affected by Big Mining projects are going to carry out simultaneous demonstrations against the Barrick Gold Corporation. Simultaneous actions will be held in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Tanzania, and Europe.
Through this Global Day of Action affected communities and supporters will make visible and spirited actions to draw attention to the grave threat brought upon our world by these transnational large-scale open-pit metals mining projects using cyanide.
Our world does not need more gold and silver! We must fight to preserve this world for our children and their children’s children.
Traditional owners supported by environmentalists and concerned citizens hope to send a message to Barrick Shareholders that their investments are highly risky: Throughout the world, communities are rejecting and shall put an end to these shameful mining operations.
Natalie Lowrey or Sakura Saunders
647 268 4440
For More Information:
Alternative Barrick Annual Report:
Solidarity Actions in Toronto:
Mines and Communities
Latin American Observatory of Mining Conflicts
Friends of the Earth
Wiradjuri Nations Fight to Save Lake Cowal
Nevada, USA
Western Shoshone Defense Project


April 30, 2007 (Toronto) – The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on the government of Canada to end the abuse and torture of prisoners in Afghanistan and to bring our troops home now. Despite frequent and contradictory assurances from the Conservatives that detainees are being treated fairly in Afghanistan, we know that torture and abuse of detainees is ongoing and widespread. Canada cannot remain involved in supporting this illegal and immoral behaviour.

“We are asking for the troops to be brought home now – not in two years as the Liberals and Conservatives say, but now,” said Sid Lacombe, national coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance. “Canadians don’t agree with Dion and Harper who want our troops to continue to kill and be killed in an unwinnable war for two more years. We support the call for the immediate withdrawal of troops.”

The NDP motion before the House of Commons today is calling for the safe and immediate withdrawal of troops from the counter-insurgency mission in the South of Afghanistan. The CPA welcomes this motion as a good step and continues to call for all troops to be brought home from Afghanistan now.

The Conservatives’ torture scandal is one more reason to end this war. The warlord government that Canada supports in Afghanistan is corrupt and responsible for the violence and torture we see today. Any support for that government is an attack on the democratic aspirations of the people of Afghanistan.


For more information please contact:

Sid Lacombe, national coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance: 416-588-5555 or 416-333-7567

Joe Cressy, Youth Director of the CPA: 613-853-1933

Four Million Refugees, Afghanistan and Iraq are the Same War

Four years ago the U.S. and Britain unleashed war on Iraq, a nearly defenseless Third World country barely half the size of Saskatchewan.

For twelve years prior to the invasion and occupation Iraq had endured almost weekly U.S. and British bombing raids and the toughest sanctions in history, the “primary victims” of which, according to the UN Secretary General, were “women and children, the poor and the infirm.” According to UNICEF, half a million children died from sanctions related starvation and disease.