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When The Poor Die of Hunger Who Speaks For Them, The Fascists?

For several months there has been a new twist in the history for the poor in Haiti, but the story has been enveloped in silence. The standard of living has been declining, with rising costs of basic goods and a continued lack of social programs. People cannot afford to eat.

Afghan woman sells daughter for $10

Poverty, cold weather, and hunger forced a woman to sell her four month baby in Kunduz….About 600 children under five die every day in Afghanistan due to pneumonia, poor nutrition, diarrhoea and other preventable diseases… The country is ranked second in the world in terms of its maternal mortality rate with about 1,600 deaths per every 100,000 live births.

Young girl commits suicide in Parwan

There were five suicide cases registered in this Afghan province over the past one year.

Statement of Support for Mohamed Harkat and the Justice for Mohamed Harkat Committee

The Fredericton Peace Coalition denounces the recent arrest of Mohamed Harkat at his home in Ottawa. Mohamed Harkat is one of several men being detained on a Security Certificate, a piece of legislation which denies basic legal rights including access to the evidence, cross- examination of informants, and a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, denying the detainees the right to a fair trial.

Tuesday’s arrest of Mohamed Harkat for allegedly breaching bail conditions further illustrates the injustice behind the Security
Certificate legislation. Mohamed Harkat did not breach his conditions at all, even though these conditions are some of the most restrictive in Canadian legal history. Further, this arrest comes in the same week as Mohamed Harkat’s bail is up for review and as the new Security Certificates law is up for debate in the House of Commons. This arrest is nothing more than an example of the torment imposed on the Security Certificate detainees by the Canadian government.

The Fredericton Peace Coalition joins community groups, organizations, and individuals across Canada in calling for an abolishment of the Security Certificate legislation and the release or fair trial for those currently being detained on a certificate.

Here, a woman is worth only half a man

In war-ridden Afghanistan, the dignity and rights of women have become the cheapest commodity.

Traffic Jam On The Highway To Hell

Sheila Samples: Everything that happened in 2007 is a direct result of events in 2006, a continuation of 2005 crimes, the bloody mess of 2004, the shock and awe of 2003 and the vicious, ruthless lies of 2001 that led us to where we are today. It’s impossible to appraise the malignant nature of this administration in any intelligible way. From the outset, it came at us — at the world — on all fours with fangs bared. Whether ripping the humanity from our Constitution or drowning the innocent in a sea of blood, its appetite is insatiable. It rises from each feast hungrier than before.

Alleged terrorist Charkaoui goes to Supreme Court; says investigation biased

Adil Charkaoui says he is appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada Thursday to denounce the investigation against him. Lawyers for Charkaoui, who was detained under a national security certificate in 2003, are expected to question how the Canadian Security Intelligence Service handled its records of an April 2001 interview with him that the spy agency says it recently discovered.

Pre-emptive nuclear strike a key option, Nato told

“The first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation as the ultimate instrument to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction.”
-We must use weapons of mass destruction to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction? Somebody needs to take a basic logic course.

Harkat arrested in shower for alleged bail violation

Mohamed Harkat has just been re-arrested at his home in Ottawa South. Dozens of officers came down to arrest him on breach of bail conditions, claiming that Sophie’s mother did not live at the residence, even though the conditions state that someone — either Sophie or her mother — must be with him 24-7. Is this is a ploy to make the government’s case for C-3 stronger? The Council of Canadians was set to film Mohamed tomorrow afternoon for a youtube entry as a way to implore Liberals to vote against Bill C-3 when it comes up for second reading, probably this Thursday.

Wanted: lawyers to defend accused terrorists

The federal government is having trouble recruiting an experienced pool of lawyers to work as “special advocates” on behalf of terror suspects under Canada’s security certificate law.