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Abdelrazik renews request to meet with Harper government in light of “permanent solution” memos

Abousfian Abdelrazik is renewing his call for a meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon and Public Security Minister Peter Van Loan in light of chilling memos obtained under the Privacy Act.

Canada ‘indifferent’ to Sudan’s threat to kill Abdelrazik, files show

The Harper government was warned shortly after it came to office in 2006 that Sudan’s notorious military intelligence agency was ready to “disappear” Abousfian Abdelrazik, a Canadian citizen, unless Ottawa allowed him to go home, The Globe and Mail has learned.

Anti-mining group to stage 36 hour sit-in at Canadian Embassy in Mexico City

Demonstrators protesting Vancouver based New Gold Inc’s Cerro de San Pedro mine.

Decisive opposition to Canada’s Afghanistan Mission

- 60% of Canadian women oppose it, 48% of men.
- 27% of Canadian women support it, 41% of men.

Interview with a Colombian Political Prisoner

Liliany Obando visited Fredericton and other Maritime communities a few years ago.

On August 8, 2008, Colombia’s National Police arrested Liliany Obando and charged her with the crime of rebellion and providing funding to a terrorist group. Ten months later, Obando had yet to have her day in court and remained a prisoner in Bogotá’s Buen Pastor Prison. Her work for the international relations commission of FENSUAGRO (The National Federation of Agricultural Farming Unions) included speaking and fundraising trips to Canada, Europe and Australia during which she openly and repeatedly criticized the Colombian government’s human rights record. Obando was the first person arrested as part of the so-called FARC-politica scandal that resulted from alleged evidence found on the laptop computer of FARC Commander Raúl Reyes, who was killed by the Colombian military in March 2008. I recently interviewed Obando in her prison cell.

The Israel advocacy push to “reclaim” York University

The process of moving beyond, bypassing and eventually disempowering the politics of Israel advocacy at York cannot avoid episodes of defamation or moves towards administrative repression. But given the history on campus, there is every reason to anticipate these, and no reason to be overly fazed by them. Especially after the latest Gaza massacres, the argument that progressive politics are compatible with indifference to Palestinian rights must be put behind us, and a broadened base pushing for meaningful censure of Israel developed. In light of the politics of Israel advocacy at York, these are issues which cannot be brushed aside. Both principled politics and institutional self-interest demand that progressive elements at York not permit an Israel advocacy backlash to shut down or narrow spaces for independent political organization and action.

Closing farm ‘makes no sense’

Jeannie Baldwin from the Public Service Alliance of Canada writes about the closure of six prison farms in Canada including farm at Dorchestor.

Israeli soldiers admit ‘shoot first’ policy in Gaza offensive

Israeli soldiers who served in the Gaza Strip during the offensive of December and January have spoken out about being ordered to shoot without hesitation, destroying houses and mosques with a general disregard for Palestinian lives.

Video: Israeli soldiers told to ‘open fire and don’t ask questions’

Community leader critical of a Canadian mine murdered in El Salvador

Marcelo Rivera, a great community leader from San Isidro, in the northern department of Cabañas, El Salvador, was found murdered. He had disappeared on June 18. Marcelo is a leader in the social resistance movement against the Canadian mining corporation, Pacific Rim.

Shame on Canada, Coup Supporter

Why have we sided with the Honduran military? Mining profits.