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At least nine killed in Haitian slum raid

“At least nine people were killed in Haiti’s largest slum on Friday during a raid by security forces targeting armed gangs blamed for a recent surge in kidnappings and other crimes in the capital Port-au-Prince.”

UN investigates treatment of Ecuadoran anti-mine activist

“The United Nations’ high commissioner for human rights is investigating allegations that pro-mining factions framed a prominent critic of a Canadian mining venture in Ecuador in order to stifle opposition…Carlos Zorrilla, a member of the Ecuadoran environmental group DECOIN, was accused of assaulting and robbing an American woman at a July 13 demonstration in Quito against plans by Ascendant Copper Corp. to mount an exploration venture in the Intag region…The accusation led to an arrest warrant for Zorrilla…The warrant was lifted after supporters pointed out irregularities in the case…However, the original charges still stand…In a November statement [Ascendant Copper]…said it had nothing to do with the incident, and that the case was supported by the testimony of four witnesses and a doctor.”


A paper presented by Bahram Ghadimi from Iran, during the Forum on Oil, Human Rights and Integral Reparation, which took place in Coca in October 2006.


“If we take a look at the hydrocarbon deposits map, we could notice a geographical ellipse that covers a portion of the former Soviet Union and a big portion of the Middle East. Seventy percent of the oil world’s reserves and sixty-five percent of the gas world’s reserves are concentrated in this region. With only a glimpse to this map, we realize that the true reason for the Middle East militarization is not the Islam, nor Islamic fundamentalism, nor terrorism.”

DN!: Oaxaca Protesters Describe Jail Beatings, Abuse by Police

“In Mexico, the government has released 42 protesters two weeks after they were rounded up during a demonstration in Oaxaca. Many of those released say they were beaten in jail and describe abuse at the hands of police. Democracy Now! producer, Elizabeth Press and journalist and Global Exchange Human Rights Fellow, John Gibler file a report from the streets of Oaxaca.”

Statement by the International Commission in Support of Sintracarbon and the Communities Affected by Cerrejon

This letter was sent to NB Power, Tuesday, December 19, 2006.

We strongly condemn the recent threats against the Sintracarbon union and in particular against CUT representative Domingo Tovar who is assisting in the current negotiations between Sintracarbon and the Cerrejon mine. We call upon the management of Cerrejon, the consortium that owns the mine–BHP Billiton, Anglo-American, and Xstrata–the companies that buy coal from Cerrejon, and the Colombian government, to join us in denouncing these threats and to work to guarantee the safety of all union and community members during the contract negotiations and beyond.


International Commission in Support of Sintracarbón and the Communities Affected by Cerrejón/Comisión Internacional en Apoyo a Sintracarbón y las Comunidades Afectadas por el Cerrejón (ICSSCAC)

Solifonds (Switzerland)

The Berne Declaration (Switzerland)

Grupo de Trabajo Suiza Colombia (Switzerland)

Colombia Solidarity Campaign (Britain)

Atlantic Regional Solidarity Network (Canada)

Langara College Student Union (Vancouver BC)

Helen Berry, Public Service Alliance of Canada

Aviva Chomsky, Salem State College*

Jeffrey C. Crosby, North Shore Labor Council*

Sydney Frey, New Haven-León Sister City Project*

Tracy Glynn, JATAM (Mining Advocacy Network)*

Daniel Kovalik, United Steelworkers of America

Garry Leech, Cape Breton University*

Lynn Nadeau, HealthLink

Steve Striffler, University of Arkansas*

Cecilia Zarate-Laun, Colombia Support Network

* affiliation for identification purposes only

Take hard look at Haiti if you think Canada is building democracy

WE ALL are concerned about democracy and human rights. Especially around the time of celebration of Christmas, a time for extra compassion. When Afghanistan comes up in Canadian debate, it is the military method that is questioned by many, not the idea of helping Afghanis to have a life. Democracy we support, officially, and privately anyway. Or do we? I am afraid some Canadians at the top are speaking with ‘forked tongue.’ “
Christian Heyne will be travelling to Haiti again in the new year to teach at an arts school for boys in Delmas. He is looking for art supply and financial donations. If you are able to make a contribution, contact

From Bolivia to Baghdad: Noam Chomsky on Creating Another World in a Time of War, Empire and Devastation

DN!: World-renowned scholar and linguist Noam Chomsky spoke this weekend at an event titled, “What’s Next? Creating Another World in a Time of War, Empire and Devastation.” Chomsky spoke about the Iraq Study Group report, recent elections in Latin America, the current situation with Iran and much more.

Two explosions in Nigeria’s Delta

Shell, a promoter of voluntary rules for businesses, operates in an area where attacks on its  installations and foreign workers are common, and its critics are murdered. How is Shell not responsible?

UN Rapists Confronted in Haiti

Port au Prince, Dec 18 (Prensa Latina) The sexual abuse charges against several members of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (MINUSTAH) are damaging the reputation of that mission there. Local police authorities are investigating nearly 34 of cases of sexual abuse against young Haitian women, involving blue helmets from several countries. Similarly, MINUSTAH soldiers and police agents have been accused of benefiting from sexual trade since their arrival in Haiti in 2004. The performance of the multinational force in that country, formed by 1,600 soldiers and 1,700 police members, has been questioned several times. UN directors admitted that situation is not new, and recalled the troops have been involved in kidnappings, pedophilia, and prostitution cases in the Democratic republic of Congo and other parts of the world. Since January 2004, the UN has analyzed 319 related accusations, and has repatriated 144 blue helmets, 17 policemen, and 18 civilians.

Palestine on the brink of civil war?

“The oft-quoted Chinese curse condemns us to “live in interesting times”. The universal blessing that all people of conscience should hope for, while watching current events unfold in Palestine, is that our world’s future is one that is characterized by peace and creativity rather than by the war and destruction that seems to be the prevailing diplomatic tool of choice. Whether that sea change can come or not is patently not a matter to leave up to the diplomats.” – Nigel Parry, the Electronic Intifada.