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Nestlé Children’s Book Prize winner refuses Nestlé money – Sean Taylor rejects cheque

Children’s author, Sean Taylor, was announced today as the Gold Medal Winner of the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize, under-5 category, for his book When a Monster is Born illustrated by Nick Sharratt (Orchard Books). In an open letter Mr. Taylor indicated that he would not accept the prize money for the award which is sponsored by Nestlé.

Police arrest, torture and kill Papuan tribal people

Police in West Papua are killing, torturing and intimidating the province’s tribal people with impunity. Police shot dead two Papuan women and injured another as they protested on 5 December near the British and American-owned Freeport mine.


The Housing Not War Declaration

I/we support the demand that the federal government implement a Housing Not War strategy. Canada is at war in Afghanistan. Homelessness remains a national disaster in Canada. Canadian troops should come home, and funding directed towards war and militarism should go towards housing and other peaceful purposes.

As homelessness worsens in Canada, the federal government can no longer justify spending untold billions of dollars on war. We call for the 1% solution – an additional 1% of the federal budget to be allocated towards social housing. This would bring spending to $4 billion per year.

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Sierra Leone halts mining after 2 die in diamond riots

Sierra Leone ordered the country’s biggest diamond mine to suspend operations on Friday pending an investigation into riots in which two people died and several were hospitalised in the eastern mining town of Koidu. Police used tear gas and live bullets to disperse more than 400 protesters who looted equipment and destroyed a generator at mining company Koidu Holdings’ concession on Thursday.

* Koidu Holdings is owned by Energem, a company registered in Vancouver.

Urge Guatemalan authorities to Investigate the Murder of Community Leader Felipe Alvarez and Bring the Perpetrators to Justice!

Felipe Alvarez, a COCODES community leader in Microparcelamiento El Naranjo in Esquintla, was murdered in the early morning of Saturday, December 8, 2007. Felipe left home to go work on his farm. Hours later his body was found by police. Felipe had been shot once in the head and three times in the back. GHRC believes that this murder is directly related to COCODES’ efforts to improve public security in their community.

Goldcorp 7 Verdict

From Jackie McVicar:

Just wanted to give an update about the trial of the “Goldcorp 7″, the seven campesinos charged by Goldcorp of:
minor injuries, accused of hitting a security guard with a rock, threats, accused of making a death threat against a mine worker,
coercion, accused of forcing mine workers to remain inside the Goldcorp mine installations during the 12 peaceful protest, January 2007, instigation to delinquency, accused of instigating his neighbors to protest against the mine and block the road into the mine,
On Tuesday, December 12, with a full court room and 20 military officials and 10 police offers standing outside, the three judge tribunal in San Marcos released their sentence:

Five of the seven, Antonio Felipe Bamaca Hernández, René Pérez Velázquez, Cristóbal Eduardo Pérez Hernández, Pedro Alejandro de León Castañón and Patrocinio Vicente López Hernández have been acquitted of all charges and Fernando Basilio Perez and Francisco Salomon Bamaca were given two years probation and a 3650 Quetzal fine (around $500): a far cry from the 4-11 years of jail time that Goldcorp asked for and the 2 million Quetzal compensation for damages also charged. In addition, the Rigoberta Menchu Legal Foundation that is representing Fernando and Francisco have vowed to appeal the case, confident that the appeal will prove the two innocent of all charges. John William Noyse, the Canadian man who is head of security for the Marlin Mine, and star witness for Goldcorp, left the room emotionless and not willing to comment.

Tomorrow, I will attend the press conference and send more details of how we can continue to support communities in resistence and espcially Francisco and Fernando as their case goes forward, and be sure to communicate this with you all. They all wanted me to express their sincere thanks for your support, especially the notes that were sent of encouragement and the people and organizations that signed on to the Urgent Action. I definitely think it had an impact at a number of levels. One of the accused, Pedro, said to me, “All of these people signed on…to support us?” . He was beaming ear to ear when I confirmed that there are hundreds of people, and national and international organisations that are behind them in this great struggle for justice. In an attempt to silence community leaders and squash the mining resistence movement in the Guatemalan highlands, even a powerful mining company couldn’t buy the truth. Guatemala never seems to surprise me…

Colombia: Death threat/ fear for safety

Javier Correa, President of the National Union of Food Industry Workers (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Industria de Alimentos, SINALTRAINAL), received a death threat, and the son of regional SINALTRAINAL leader José Domingo Flores was abducted and beaten. There are fears that the lives of members of SINALTRAINAL are in danger.

Haiti: Leading Human Rights Activist Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine Missing for Four Months

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a prominent Haitian human rights activist, disappeared on the evening of 12 August, 2007. He is co-founder of the Trant Septanm (“September 30”) Foundation, an organization originally formed to help the victims of the 1991 coup in Haiti.

For over a decade groups organized by Pierre-Antoine have provided medical and psychological assistance to the victims of violence in some of Haiti’s poorest slums. The groups he helped to found also assisted migrants deported from abroad to resettle in Haiti, and he played a leading role in the successful campaign to disband the Haitian army.


Just after 6:30 pm, Wednesday, December 12, Santa and several of his elves were arrested for trying to deliver lumps of coal to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. ACT for the Earth is calling for their immediate release and an end to Canada’s sabotage of the UN climate talks in Bali, Indonesia.

From RAWA: The US and Her Fundamentalist Stooges are the Main Human Rights Violators in Afghanistan

The US and her allies tried to legitimize their military occupation of Afghanistan under the banner of “bringing freedom and democracy for Afghan people”. But as we have experienced in the past three decades, in regard to the fate of our people, the US government first of all considers her own political and economic interests and has empowered and equipped the most traitorous, anti-democratic, misogynist and corrupt fundamentalist gangs in Afghanistan.

In the past few years, for a thousand times the lies of US claims in the so-called “War on terror” were uncovered. By relying on the criminal bands of the Northern Alliance, the US made a game of values like democracy, human rights, women’s rights etc…