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Disturbing news from Colombian coal region

These threats are being directed to many groups including the workers’ union from the coal mine that supplies NB Power -

“There is not enough paper for us to include all of the names and organizations that are serving as a front for their insurgent (i.e., guerrilla) work, these sons of bitches, gonorrheas, but we have listed their main leaders but everyone directly affiliated with these kinds of people and organizations should affiliate to a FUNERAL HOME.”

Threats in the coal region

Canadian Mining Companies Promote Violence in Ecuador

We, the signatories of this statement, human rights, environmental and local organizations, as well as other social collectives, denounce, before the country and the international community, the fact that Canadian companies Corrientes Resources (which operates in Ecuador under the name of Ecuacorrientes) and Ascendant Copper Corporation (with American and Canadian capital) are committing a series of abuses against the human rights of the indigenous and campesino communities of Morona Santiago, Zamora Chinchipe and Imbabura.

Read more:  Canadian Mining Companies Promote Violence in Ecuador

What We Leave Behind

From Kosovo to Lebanon, cluster bomb casualties continue to mount.

The Corporate Occupation of Iraq

In light of the Iraq Study Group recommendations and their failure to address the real problems facing Iraq, the author of this TomPaine opinion piece advises that the US end the corporate invasion of Iraq. US companies, which were awarded lucrative contracts by the US government following the 2003 invasion, failed to reconstruct war-torn Iraq as intended. The author concludes that “the Bush administration must abandon its plan to remake Iraq into an economic wonderland for US corporations,” and return Iraq to the Iraqi people “to remake as they themselves see fit.”

The Bloodbath We Created

“Of all the faults of the Iraq Study Group the most serious was its warning, highlighted by Co-Chairman Lee Hamilton, that a “precipitate withdrawal” would cause a “bloodbath” in Iraq as well as a region-wide war. The cry of “bloodbath”—now given bipartisan status—will certainly be used to crush any attempt in Congress to advance a plan for a timetable for withdrawal.”

Run, Rummy, Run

“In addition to Donald Rumsfeld, the outgoing US Secretary of Defense, the complaint named as defendants former CIA Director George Tenet, Undersecretary of Defense Stephen Cambone, four generals, two colonels and five lawyers, including Alberto Gonzalez, the present Attorney General of the United States. The plaintiffs are 12 torture victims, 11 “graduates” of Abu Ghraib and one current Guantanamo detainee. The charge is ordering, failing to prevent and aiding and abetting war crimes.”

DN!:Oaxaca Governor Ruiz Sends Massive Police Force to Crack Down on

We go to Mexico and our continuing coverage of the popular uprising in Oaxaca. On Sunday thousands of people marched to demand the resignation of State Governor Ulises Ruiz and the withdrawal of federal police. Ruiz sent a massive police force to crack down on the protests — led by the Popular Assembly of the Oaxacan People — APPO. We get a report from the streets of Oaxaca.

Can we provide world with `clean’ diamonds?

“Hundreds of thousands of hectares of mineral claims are being “staked” without consultation — let alone approved by affected communities, many of whom are in land claims negotiations and land use-planning exercises.”

“There is a cruel irony about the marketing of “Polar Bear diamonds” at a time when the polar bear is being seriously threatened by global warming and the incursion of development into Canada’s boreal region.”

Peace Vigil

Women in Black Vigil

12 noon-1pm, Friday, December 15
Fredericton City Hall, corner of Queen and York.
* If you are against war and for peace and justice, please stand with us at noon on Friday.
* We will meet at City Hall at the same time every other Friday.
* Most Women in Black vigils around the world are composed of women but men have joined many vigils throughout the world. All (women, men, & children) are invited to stand in the Fredericton Women in Black peace vigils.
* We have a few signs and flyers on the go at the moment but feel free to bring your own. There is a variety of slogans and issues covered in Women in Black peace vigils. Some address international issues, such as the war against Iraq, while others address local issues, such as the rise of neo-Nazism in some countries. Israeli Women in Black vigils hold signs that say “End the Occupation”. Internationally, many signs read “End the Israeli Occupation”. In some countries, signs read, “End War” or “End All Oppression” or “Stop the Cycle of Violence” or simply “Peace”.
For more information on Women in Black, visit: or email Alisa at

Making us safer is not the aim, Intensify the witch-hunt

Perhaps making us safer is not the real aim. Winning the war may not be the point. Militarily counterproductive tactics have been the norm in many developing countries; widespread attacks on civilians tended to attract support for the enemy. In Sudan, government-backed raids on civilians (today in the west, in the past in the south) stimulated support for rebel groups. They were also lucrative. In the south, the lure of oil has been a key motive in the creation of famine.