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Colombian State Mine Workers’ Union Under Attack

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund, working with the Canadian agencies CIDA-CERI, lawyers for various multinationals, and the government of president Alvaro Uribe Vélez, have begun the process of liquidating the state mining company MINERCOL Ltd. including attempting to exterminate its union.

For more info and how to support the union: Action Alert – Colombia

I remember the quiet day we lost the war in Iraq

“We need to plan for withdrawal, and we need to understand why, why, why we were so mad as to attack Iraq without working out the consequences. That is why I want an inquiry. I want to interrogate our Government, and above all I want to hear from the Americans.” -British MP Boris Johnson

‘I Witnessed the Massacre in Tibet’

“Later, when I was talking to a Romanian from another tent on this issue, I realized that I had become a witness. This was a massacre, but the victims had no weapon and no ability to fight back. They could only try to run. However, on a wide, open, glacial terrain, there is no place to hide. The majority of the fugitive Tibetans were young people. I was told that two of them were just teenagers.”

The UN Fails Haiti Again

“I found tears of anger and shame streaming down my face as I impotently watched this scene unfold,” Dupont said. “I understood then and there that the people of Cité Soleil are in a state of war with the MINUSTAH and cannot under any circumstances lay down their weapons as the government and UN are asking. That would be suicide.”

Arrest Warrant Against Carlos Zorrilla Revoked But Charges Still Stand

On November 16, 2006, the 10th Penal Judge of Pinchincha, Dr. Luis G. Mora A., revoked the arrest warrant issued against Carlos Zorrilla. Zorrilla had been in hiding since the highly irregular October 17 police raid on his home. He is now free to come and go, but the trumped-up charges against him still stand and the attacks against DECOIN and the communities of the Intag region continue, both in the media and on the ground. Please continue to write to the Ecuadorian and Canadian authorities to ask them to ensure that Carlos receives a fair trial, that the irregularities in the charges against him and the raid on his house be fully investigated, and that Ascendant Copper be forced to respect Ecuadorian law – and common decency – and desist from pressuring DECOIN and the Intag communities. Please see our October 22, 2006 Urgent Action for details (

CFB Toxic: The Environmental and Human Impact of War

CFB Toxic: The Environmental and Human Impact of War
A presentation delivered in Fredericton on November 23, 2006 by Gloria Paul.

Friday: Using the Media as a weapon! The media’s role during the Assault on Lebanon

Using the Media as a weapon! The media’s role during the Assault on Lebanon

A presentation and discussion with Journalists Stefan Christoff and Dru Oja Jay
“For the first week of the violence, I remained in Beirut as a witness to vast human suffering imposed on the nation. From…Central Beirut, explosions could be heard throughout the night” – Stefan Christoff, July 20th
TIME & DATE OF EVENT – Friday November 24 @ 7pm in Tilley Rm. 5 (UNB Campus)
Stefan Christoff is an independent journalist an social activist from Montreal. Stefan is active within Tadamon! [Solidarity! in Arabic], a Lebanon solidarity group in Montreal. Recently Stefan returned from Lebanon where he witnessed & reported on the 2006 Israeli military attack from Beirut. In Lebanon Stefan reported for the Daily Star the Middle East’s largest English daily & also for the Electronic Intifada.
Dru Oja Jay, Editor-in-Chief for the Dominion, a bi-weekly Canadian newspaper with a national focus, published in print and online. The Dominion is a not for profit free newspaper covering topics of interest to Canadians. It aims to provide a progressive counterpoint to the mainstream papers and to create a venue where alternative forms of journalism can be practiced. Just this month, The Dominion released its much-anticipated issue on Canadian Foreign Policy.

Inco is Back in Guatemala, Defensoria Q’eqchi’ Asks for International Solidarity

Urgent Action for El Estor

The Defensoría Q’eqchi’ (an indigenous rights organization) in El Estor has contacted international solidarity networks because the violence is escalating quickly and they fear it will result in deaths. Email Peter McKay and the Guatemalan Ambassador to Canada expressing your concern for the people living in these communities.

Thursday, November 23: CFB TOXIC!

CFB Toxic: the Environmental Impact of War with Gloria Paul.

Gloria Paul, a long time peace activist, will share her research on contaminated military bases from Labrador to B.C. with a special focus on CFB Gagetown. Including a video presentation.
7 PM, Thursday, Nov 23

Wilmot United Church, 473 King St

All invited. For more info, contact:

Canada Pension Plan Undermining Peace, Ecology, and Human Rights

ACT for the Earth is launching a report today to shed light on the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s (CPPIB) consistent misuse of millions of proxy shares in its voting practices at corporate shareholder meetings. The report “Against Common Sense” is an overview of how the CPPIB’s use of proxy shares violate the board’s own socially responsible investment policies. Against Common Sense is being released as the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) convenes a public meeting in Winnipeg today on “Independence, Accountability, Performance”.

Against Common Sense is available online at
For more information, Email or phone 1-647-436-6398.