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Drummond lobbied State Dept.

An Alabama coal company, sued over the killing of three union leaders in Colombia, quietly lobbied the State Department to intervene in an apparent bid to have the suit thrown out, according to court records and an attorney in the case.

Uranium and the War

The effects of depleted uranium weapons in Iraq.

NOTE: It is estimated that 60% of Canadian Uranium exports are used in the manufacture of U.S. depleted uranium weapons.  The Final Judgment of the Tokyo Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan found that the U.S. use of Depleted Uranium Munitions constitutes war crimes under international law.

Afghans rejecting Canadian troops for Taliban, survey finds

Globe & Mail: In a survey to be released in London today by the Senlis Council think tank, Afghan men in the Canadian-controlled areas of Kandahar province and in the neighbouring British- and U.S.-controlled regions say they are being driven to support the Taliban because of disillusionment with the NATO military effort and poverty created by the continuing conflict.

Canada Scolded over Exploitation of Indigenous Peoples’ Lands

OneWorld: Canada, like the United States, is facing international scrutiny for its treatment of indigenous people. This week, a United Nations treaty body took the rare step of telling Canada to change its behavior on the human rights of native populations. In a report, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said it was concerned about complaints of exploitation of indigenous resources by corporations registered in Canada.

Who is the real paid actor?

Read more about how the Canadian Ambassador to Guatemala spread misinformation that a woman evicted from her home for a Canadian nickel mining development was a “paid actress”

Who is the real paid actor?

Was I a good American in the time of George Bush?

Too many of us have done too little to stop the crimes of this White House. We are waking up but what took us so long?

Mom: military seduces young

Valley woman, whose son is in Afghanistan, complains of ‘brainwashing’

More Than 400 Peace Protests Held Across Canada And The Globe

Just three days shy of the four-year anniversary of the start of the U.S.-led war in Iraq, over 400 peace rallies sprung up around the globe. And the anti-war sentiment was certainly felt on the streets of Toronto, as a downtown peace protest and march began in front of the U.S. Consulate.

Taking Stock Update: Afghan Women and Girls Five Years On

A report by WOMANKIND Worldwide on the lack of substantial progress for women and girls in Afghanistan.

Troops Out of Iraq and Afghanistan

Pan-Canadian Day of Action
1 PM, Saturday, March 17
Fredericton City Hall, corner of York & Queen.
Speeches, songs and poems for peace.
For more info, contact the Fredericton Peace Coalition at:, visit:




View From a Grain of Sand is a journey through the last 30 years of Afghanistan’s history as lived by three Afghan women. Shot over the last three years in Pakistan and Afghanistan, a doctor, teacher and social activist tell how their lives were violently affected by wars of international making and three different regimes in Afghanistan. Yet through all their loss, and the destruction of their homes and country, these women have endured. With courage, conviction and hope they continue to work on improving the lives of the people around them, against all odds, in this brutalized and divided