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UK trade union backs total boycott of Israel

UK trade union backs total boycott of Israel

Background information on UNISON from their website:

“UNISON is Britain’s biggest trade union with more than 1.3 million members. Our members are people working in the public services, for private contractors providing public services and in the essential utilities. They include frontline staff and managers working full or part time in local authorities, the NHS, the police service, colleges and schools, the electricity, gas and water industries, transport and the voluntary sector. Last year UNISON recruited 155,000 new members – 425 per day.”,7340,L-3415552,00.html

UK trade union backs total boycott of Israel

UNISON calls for cultural, economic, academic and sporting boycott of Israel until it ends occupation   Ronen Bodoni Published:  06.20.07, 21:10 / Israel News

 The UK’s largest trade union, UNISON, advocated on Wednesday a total boycott of Israel over its continued occupation of Palestinian territories.

A statement issued by delegates meeting in Brighton read: “The conference believes that ending the occupation demands concerted and sustained pressure upon Israel including an economic, cultural, academic and sporting boycott”.

In addition, delegates called on the British government to press for an arms embargo against Israel.

Speaking to Ynet, the union’s secretary, Miri Maguire, said the call was symbolic and carried little practical consequences.

“We support the State of Israel and will continue our good relations with professional Israeli unions. But the aim of our call is to end Israel’s occupation,” Maguire said.

The union also called on Israel to retreat to the borders before the Mideast war of 1967, to allow Palestinian refugees to return to a future Palestinian state and to dismantle its settlements in the Golan Heights.

Delegates also condemned an economic boycott imposed on the Palestinian Authority last year when Hamas won the general elections.

Hagit Klaiman contributed to this report.

The Pentagon v. Peak Oil

The wars of the future may be fought just to run the machines that fight them.

US air strike kills Afghan children

Seven Afghan children have been killed during a US-led coalition air strike against a suspected al-Qaeda safe house in eastern Afghanistan that also left several fighters dead, the force said.

Sudan Is Secret Partner of US

Though Washington’s sanctions on Sudan give the impression of a tougher stance, this Baltimore Sun article reveals that the US has “soft-pedaled the sanctions” so that Sudan will continue helping the CIA with intelligence in Iraq. Former director of African affairs for the National Security Council John Prendergast argues that the Bush administration’s cooperation with Sudan on “counterterrorism” will impede efforts to stop the ongoing conflict in Darfur.

Iraq’s Workers Strike to Keep Their Oil

The Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions went on strike in opposition to the proposed hydrocarbon law. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki responded forcefully by sending the army and issuing arrest warrants against the union’s leaders. Iraqi unions are a strong, secular voice against oil privatization and the occupation in general. (truthout)

Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Resolution That May Force End to Occupation

While most observers are focused on the U.S. Congress as it continues to issue new rubber stamps to legitimize Bush’s permanent designs on Iraq, nationalists in the Iraqi parliament — now representing a majority of the body — continue to make progress toward bringing an end to their country’s occupation. The parliament today passed a binding resolution that will guarantee lawmakers an opportunity to block the extension of the U.N. mandate under which coalition troops now remain in Iraq when it comes up for renewal in December. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose cabinet is dominated by Iraqi separatists, may veto the measure.

Candlelight Vigil for Peace

In solidarity with other countries, there  will be a candlelight vigil for Peace held on Sunday  June 24th at 8:30 p.m.  around the Peace Pole at the Fredericton Walking Bridge.

Rev. George Feenstra will be bringing his guitar singing music of peace …
For more info, contact Gloria at

As Hamas Seizes Full Control of Gaza and US Prepares Further Isolation, What Next for Palestinians?

DN!: With Hamas now in full control of the Gaza Strip following a week of deadly violence, Palestinians are bracing for further uncertainty as the Occupied Territories is divided with the other main Palestinian faction Fatah. We go to Gaza for a report from independent journalist Fares Akram, and get analysis from Palestinian filmmaker and journalist Laila el-Haddad and author and Electronic Intifada co-founder Ali Abuminah.

The Case Against Agent Orange and All Mutagenic Weapons

I met with a group of Vietnamese citizens, led by Dr. Nguyen Trong Nhan, bearing witness to the plight of millions of Vietnamese people affected by Agent Orange. Now 77 years old, Dr. Nhan is one of Vietnam’s foremost ophthalmologists. He was Vietnam’s minister of health from 1992 to 1995, and recently he served as president of the Vietnam Red Cross. Today he is vice president of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange – VAVA. Professor Nhan is sadly disappointed by the US lack of response to calls to help Vietnamese sufferers, and by the outcome of a lawsuit against the chemical companies – including Monsanto, Dow, Union Carbide and Diamond Shamrock that produced Agent Orange.

Protesters disrupt Caterpillar shareholder meeting

A handful of protesters waving Palestinian flags and chanting “Take responsibility and do the right thing” on Wednesday disrupted the annual meeting of Caterpillar Inc., prompting the company to adjourn 30 minutes early.

The protesters, who oppose Caterpillar’s sale of tractors that are used by the Israeli Army to demolish the homes of Palestinian civilians, were quickly hustled out of the remote country club conference center 40 miles west of Chicago.