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The Shoes We Longed For

Within a few unlikely seconds, a pair of size 10 shoes have become the most destructive weapon the people of Iraq have managed to throw at the occupying powers, after nearly six years of occupation and formidable resistance. One Iraqi writer called the shoes, hurled by a journalist at George Bush, “Iraq’s weapon of comprehensive destruction”.

Robert Fisk: Why bombing Ashkelon is the most tragic irony

How easy it is to snap off the history of the Palestinians, to delete the narrative of their tragedy, to avoid a grotesque irony about Gaza which – in any other conflict – journalists would be writing about in their first reports: that the original, legal owners of the Israeli land on which Hamas rockets are detonating live in Gaza.

And Robert Fisk’s Monday commentary: Leaders lie, civilians die, and lessons of history are ignored

Israeli Attacks Kill Over 310 in Gaza in One of Israel’s Bloodiest Attacks on Palestinians Since 1948

Democracy Now!: Amidst worldwide protests, Israel is continuing its bombing campaign against Gaza for the third consecutive day and preparing to launch a possible ground invasion. Following months of a crippling blockade, this has been described as one of Israel’s bloodiest attacks on Palestinians since 1948. Latest reports indicate that 310 people have been killed and 1,400 injured in the aerial strikes across the Gaza Strip since Saturday morning. The latest targets of the air strikes include the Hamas Interior Ministry building and the Islamic University. Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced today that Israel is in an “all-out war with Hamas and its proxies” in Gaza. Fears of a ground invasion are growing after Israel declared a military buffer zone around Gaza, closing off the strip and its 1.5 million residents to journalists and civilians.

Israeli slaughter, international culpability

Dan Freeman-Maloy | December 28, 2008: There is every reason to be outraged. But despite the severity of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, we have little right to act surprised. Whatever else can be said, Israel has made it abundantly clear that until its actions are met with credible international sanctions, it will subject Palestinians (and very likely others in the region) to massive, recurring waves of violence.
This was clear when the Obama-Biden campaign helped to lay the political foundation for this assault. It was clear when, amidst threats of such an operation and ongoing colonization in the West Bank, the European Union voted to upgrade relations with Israel earlier this month.

In Gaza

Blog by Eva Bartlett

Fresh Israeli strike kills five sisters

The Israeli army is still ongoing with its offensive against the residents of the Gaza Strip and killed on Monday at dawn five sisters, all children. Death toll since Saturday is more than 305 Palestinians, and nearly 1000 were wounded.

Sanctions Now – Upgrading, Hell No!

“Gaza is burning,” writes French activist Liliane Cordova Kaczerginski, using the very words of a famous song of a Jewish village destroyed by the Nazis. Like sixty years ago, Gaza is burning and the world is silent, waiting for the outcome of a non-existent peace process.

3 minute video by ISM in Gaza

Stop the Assault on Gaza

Statement by Jews for a Just Peace Fredericton

We were horrified to learn this morning of the latest Israeli military actions against the inhabitants of Gaza. This is collective punishment in defiance of all international laws and norms. The few people killed or wounded in Israel by Hamas rocket attacks, while tragic, pale in significance in relation to the hundreds of people killed and wounded by the Israeli airstrikes. As Jews, we reject the idea that a Jewish life is worth more than a Palestinian life.

We are also concerned that Israel will follow these air strikes with a reoccupation on the ground which can only lead to further bloodshed and decrease the chances that there will ever be peace. There can be no military solution. Canada must condemn these unjustifiable Israeli actions and demand that that the Israeli government negotiate in good faith to end the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. We call upon all real friends of Israel to express their outrage at the illegal and immoral actions of the Israeli state and to exert whatever influence they can to foster a diplomatic solution.

Jack Gegenberg
Karen Pearlston
Jews for a Just Peace
Fredericton, NB

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Bloody Day in Gaza

More than 230 killed, hundreds injured due to Israeli bombings against Gaza