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Tar Sands Watch

In collaboration with several Albertan, First Nations’ and national organizations, the Polaris Institute is helping to build a pan-Canadian  campaign calling for a moratorium on expansion of the Alberta tar sands.

Ecuador pays off IMF debt, says will sever ties with institution

The Associated Press: Ecuador’s leftist president said Sunday the country has paid off its debt to the International Monetary Fund and will sever ties with the financial institution.

Birth of the Christian Soldier: How Evangelicals Infiltrated the American Military

It took decades for evangelicals to infiltrate the military, but eventually fundamentalist theology adapted as its entry points the culture of authority, duty, and sacrifice in the armed forces.


Former Haitian Prime Minister Yvon Neptune is a free man. U.C. Hastings Prof. Roht-Arriaza stated that “the partnership between renowned Haitian attorneys…, human rights experts and willing law students has proven to be truly effective.”

Stolen Games

“No Olympics on stolen Native land” has become the battle cry for Indigenous resistance to the Vancouver Olympics.

Mohawk protesters take over Deseronto quarry

CBC: “Mohawk demonstrators have taken over an eastern Ontario quarry on disputed land. About 70 people, some dressed in army fatigues and some carrying colourful Mohawk flags, blocked the entrance of the Thurlow Aggregates quarry near Deseronto, Ont., late Thursday afternoon.”

The Endless War

The death last Sunday of six Canadian soldiers in southern Afghanistan reminds us of Santayana’s famous maxim that those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. The soldiers were killed near Maiwand, a name meaning nothing to most westerners. But there, on 27 July, 1880, during the bloody Second Afghan War, the British Empire suffered one of the worst defeats in its colonial history.

Bloody Day in Iraq: 312 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 302 Iraqis Wounded

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 – A series of coordinated bomb attacks shook Baghdad hours after Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that security would be in Iraqi hands by the end of the year. Overall, at least 312 people were killed and 302 wounded throughout Iraq. One American soldier died yesterday of non-battle releated injuries.

Liberals Rubber-Stamp the Afghan Troop Extension.

For Immediate Release

Liberals Rubber-Stamp the Afghan Troop Extension.

Commons Debate Shows Dion’s True Colours.

April 19, 2007

Toronto: The Liberals confirmed their support for the extension of Canada’s Afghan deployment until 2009 with a motion debated in the House of Commons today, proving that they are more out of touch with Canadians than ever.

“The Liberals are saying the same thing that the Conservatives said last year.” Said Christine Jones, Co-Chair of the Canadian Peace Alliance. “They have not called for the troops to be brought home. They are supporting the mission extension that Canadians oppose.” 

Given that many Liberals voted against the extension of the mission when it was last debated, this is actually a step backwards. None of this should surprise the Canadian people. It was the Liberals, under Paul Martin that sent troops to Kandahar in the first place and it was the Liberals under Jean Chretien that sent troops in 2001 and increased their numbers in 2003.

The motion doesn’t call for troop removal after 2009 but instead asks only for an end to the combat operations in the south. That is not what the people of Canada have been asking for. Canadians are asking for this war to end now. The bloodshed in Afghanistan is increasing daily and the counter insurgency mission, based on the Iraq model is clearly making things worse. The war in Afghanistan is a disaster, reconstruction is failing the people and human rights are deteriorating under the violent reign of the new Afghan government that NATO supports. 

The Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s largest umbrella peace network, will continue to campaign, lobby and protest until the troops are brought home.


For more information please contact Sid Lacombe, coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance at 416-588-5555 or 416-333-7567 (cell)

Leopard Tanks and the Deadly Dilemmas of the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan

Mike Wallace: because of the growing spread of the technology of explosively formed penetrators (EPF’s), these tanks will *not* reduce Canadian casualties.