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Last Security Certificate Prisoner Close to Death

May 8, 2007

Ottawa ­ Security Certificate detainee Hassan Almrei is in danger of dying from government neglect. Mr. Almrei has been on a hunger strike for 153 days having only juice. Any and all professionals state that there are few people that they know of that have gone beyond 170 days.
After the Supreme Court ruled that the Security Certificates are unconstitutional, Mr. Almrei remains the only detainee not yet released on strict house arrest.
Mr. Almrei’s actions on his own behalf, including his ongoing hunger strike, have been belittled and dismissed in public statements from Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Stockwell Day. His very reasonable demands for humane conditions at the Kingston Immigration Holding Centre (KIHC) have been almost entirely ignored.
The Justice for Mohamed Almrei Committee is calling on human rights and social justice allies across the country to hold demonstrations in support of a quick resolution of Hassan Almrei’s demands for humane treatment at KIHC, during the week of May 13 and the week of May 20.

Starting immediately PLEASE continually call, email, fax Stockwell Day, Stephen Harper and KIHC with the same message: resolve the hunger strike and appoint the Correctional Investigator.
ALSO contact any media you may have connections with.

Stockwell Day:

Phone: (613) 995-1702

Fax: (613) 995.1154

Call Stephen Harper with the same message: resolve the hunger strike, appoint the Correctional Investigator

Phone: (613) 992-4211

Fax: (613) 941-6900


Phone for Cindy Berry: (613) 351-8805

Direct line to Cathy Kench, Director, (613) 351-8812

Fax Number: (613) 351-8818 or (613) 351-8822

Thank you for your support:
on behalf of the Justice for Hassan Almrei Committee

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