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2nd May 2007
10 am Wednesday 2 May 2007
Dasea Street, (off Muir, near Rookwood Road)
Chullora NSW
In support of solidarity actions across the world against mining giant Barrick Gold, concerned citizens in Sydney will blockade trucks transporting cyanide to Barrick’s mine at Lake Cowal, central western NSW.
Up to 6090 tonnes of cyanide is being transported from the Orica plant in Gladstone, Queensland, 1600km away, to Lake Cowal every year. The cyanide is being freighted by train over 20 rivers, through 10 national parks and through 200 towns and trucked through densely populated areas of Sydney from Chullora to Parramatta and the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.
“We want the facts,” said Cyanide Watch organiser, Graeme Dunstan. “We want communities in Australia to know about the possible threat from a cyanide spill to their public health and water ways.”
“The maker of the cyanide, Orica, the transporter, Pacific National, and the approver of its transport as a Dangerous Good, the NSW Minister for Planning, are all withholding the facts on the grounds of national security and commercial confidence.” Says Dunstan
The protestors demand to know how appropriate emergency response can be planned for a cyanide spill if the magnitude of the hazard continues to be kept a secret to both Sydney citizens and the responding agencies.
This action will be just one of many actions being targeted at Barrick Gold, the world’s biggest gold producer and cyanide criminal on the day of its AGM in Toronto.
More info:
Graeme Dunstan Cyanide Watch 0407 951 688
International Day of Action Against Barrick Gold
The International Day of Action Against Barrick Gold solidarity actions
in: Australia; Peru; Argentina; Chile; Philippines; USA; Canada; Europe
and Papua New Guinea.
Download the Alternative Barrick Annual Report:
Graeme Dunstan
Cyanide Watch
0407 951 688
Natalie Lowrey
(Toronto, Canada)
+1 647 268 4440
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Comment from Ahni
Time May 2, 2007 at 10:18 pm

Hey All. Thank you for posting all this info on Barrick. I’ve been following them along with goldcorp and a couple others, for a while now.


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