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April 30, 2007 (Toronto) – The Canadian Peace Alliance is calling on the government of Canada to end the abuse and torture of prisoners in Afghanistan and to bring our troops home now. Despite frequent and contradictory assurances from the Conservatives that detainees are being treated fairly in Afghanistan, we know that torture and abuse of detainees is ongoing and widespread. Canada cannot remain involved in supporting this illegal and immoral behaviour.

“We are asking for the troops to be brought home now – not in two years as the Liberals and Conservatives say, but now,” said Sid Lacombe, national coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance. “Canadians don’t agree with Dion and Harper who want our troops to continue to kill and be killed in an unwinnable war for two more years. We support the call for the immediate withdrawal of troops.”

The NDP motion before the House of Commons today is calling for the safe and immediate withdrawal of troops from the counter-insurgency mission in the South of Afghanistan. The CPA welcomes this motion as a good step and continues to call for all troops to be brought home from Afghanistan now.

The Conservatives’ torture scandal is one more reason to end this war. The warlord government that Canada supports in Afghanistan is corrupt and responsible for the violence and torture we see today. Any support for that government is an attack on the democratic aspirations of the people of Afghanistan.


For more information please contact:

Sid Lacombe, national coordinator of the Canadian Peace Alliance: 416-588-5555 or 416-333-7567

Joe Cressy, Youth Director of the CPA: 613-853-1933


Comment from Home. Now. Activist
Time May 2, 2007 at 10:37 pm

One Message. Many Voices. All troops home now.

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