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Solidarity Statement for Jeju Island Rally on August 6, 2011

We at the Fredericton Peace Coalition, New Brunswick, Canada stand in complete solidarity with you in your effort to stop construction of a Naval Base in Gangjeong, Jeju Island, South Korea, instead maintaining it as a “Peace Island”.

We were moved by Sung-Hee Choi comments from prison that “It is about love. It is about a love that cannot speak. It is about the sea that cannot speak. It is about the creatures who cannot speak aloud …” and it is about the people of Jeju and the world.

We concur with your “International Solidarity Statement against Militarization of Jeju Island” (June, 2007) “urgently calling on the Korean Government and Jeju special self-governing province to withdraw its plan for naval base construction on Jeju Island, strongly believing Jeju Island is needed as a true Island of Peace to create stability in the region through the establishment of concrete policy and international cooperation to make this peace zone a reality.”

We send our best wishes for and in support of Jeju’s Island Rally on August 6th.

Gloria G. Paul
Fredericton Peace Coalition
New Brunswick, Canada

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