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WikiLeaks reveals Stealth Fighter push

As you may know, the Canadian government wants to buy 65 Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters for at least $16 billion, the largest military procurement in this country’s history. Lockheed Martin is the second largest weapons manufacturer in the world. In an unprecedented move, the Department of National Defence went across the country this fall trying to sell the Canadian public on the stealth fighters. They were NOT honest in their presentation, I attended and also got a copy of the presentation. Recently, Lockheed Martin put up a web site “Canada’s Next Generation Fighter” though Canada has NOT signed any contract to purchase these fighters. DND also put up a web site using the same pictures, text etc… as the Lockheed Martin F35 web site.

*It has been revealed in the Wikileaks cables that the US Government and Lockheed Martin worked for a year in 2008 to manipulate the Norwegian public to support the Government of Norway in buying the F35s. Here is part of the cable:

CLASSIFIED Cable from U.S. Embassy in Norway to the U.S. Secretary of State and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff

NORWAY FIGHTER PURCHASE: HIGH-LEVEL ADVOCACY NEEDED NOW “The GON (Government of Norway) decision making process on the purchase of new fighter aircraft has entered a critical phase. Public opinion has swung away from the F-35 due to negative coverage, and private contacts warn that the GON may decide to purchase the Saab Gripen or leave the decision to a future government. High-level Washington advocacy on this issue is needed to help reverse this trend. Norway’s decision on this purchase will either end or sustain one of the strongest pillars of our bilateral relationship and could impact subsequent Danish and Dutch decisions on the F-35, affecting NATO joint operational capacity and the vulnerability of the Northern Flank.”

“Action needed to counter negative trends 3.(C) After extensive efforts by the Embassy and Lockheed Martin, the public debate over the summer consisted of largely balanced coverage.”


There is much, much more that reveals the U.S. Government, U.S. Embassies and Lockheed Martin have worked very hard to try to “sell” the F-35. Please see the other cables here:

**These classified cables from the U.S Embassy in Oslo were filed by U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission at the time Kevin M. Johnson *He is now the U.S. Consul General in Toronto! He is pushing the F-35 propaganda campaign here in Canada.

There is a HUGE push by the Department of National Defence, the U.S. Embassies, the U.S. Government, and Lockheed Martin to try to get our federal government to buy the stealth fighters and we need to stop it.

We don’t need fighter jets – we need our precious tax dollars to be spent in education, health care, child care, the environment, and affordable housing, etc…

*These stealth fighters will carry/burn 18,500 lbs of jet fuel (more carbon intensive and climate change causing) and will be more costly than $16 billion.

Please do what you can to stop the purchase of stealth fighters – email/call the PM, your MP, write a letter to the editor, make the links and spread the word.

If you want to get more involved, you can join the no-stealth-fighter listserv through Steven Staples at the Rideau Institute: or find out more at

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