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Support Bill C-440 – Let War Resisters stay in Canada

We have exciting news! On May 25, Parliament will begin the second reading of Bill C-440, in support of U.S. war resisters in Canada. If passed, C-440 will give the weight of law to the two motions already passed by the House of Commons in support of U.S. Iraq War resisters. The bill will not be voted on in May, but a one-hour debate in the House of Commons is an important step towards the eventual passage of the bill.

On May 25, representatives of the War Resisters Support Campaign will deliver to Ottawa thousands of signed postcards and petitions that demonstrate the wide support for war resisters throughout Canada. If you have already signed and distributed postcards, THANK YOU. If you have not, or if you can get more signatures, there is still time. The new deadline for signed postcards to be in our national headquarters in Toronto is May 21.

** To request more postcards, please reply to this email. Please give us a paper mailing address and let us know how many cards you can use.

** Also, please remember to contact your M.P. to ask her or him to support Bill C-440. You can do so through this link on our website:

Thank you for your ongoing support of our efforts to make Canada a safe haven for people of conscience who refused to participate in an illegal and immoral war. U.S. Iraq War resisters still face deportation and the threat of jail for doing the right thing. Please help us keep up the fight on their behalf.

** To request postcards: wrscnational [at]

** To send an e-mail to your M.P. here:

** For more information and updates on Bill C-440:

** To donate:

Organized by the War Resisters Support Campaign:

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