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Julio Chavez to speak on participatory democracy in Venezuela on Monday

Julio Chávez on “From Representative Democracy to Participatory Democracy”

Monday, Oct. 5th, 2009, 7pm at Renaissance College UNB, 811 Charlotte St,


From Venezuela, Julio Chavez is a member of the Lara state assembly, and head of the Venezuelan presidential commission on popular power and participatory democracy. He has been active in grassroots politics all his life, and when he was elected mayor of the municipality of Torres in Venezuela, he implemented a number of sweeping changes at the municipal level all based on participatory democracy. Chavez organized a constituent assembly process to re-write the constitution of the municipality, and turned over 100% of the municipal budget to an organized participatory budgeting process for citizens to decide how municipal money should be spent. He has also been at the forefront of the creation of the communal council and mancomuna system in Venezuela, and the push for decentralization and increased participatory governance. Julio Chavez will talk about the shift from representative democracy to participatory democracy, and the institutional and grassroots structures that support it. Further articles on Julio Chavez can be found:

Sponsored by the Fredericton Peace Coalition, NB Public Interest Research Group, UNB Faculty of Arts Visiting Speakers Fund, STU History Department & the Marie-Joseph Angelique Society.

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