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Poem by Robert Young – Veterans Against Nuclear Arms – Fredericton


My Christian Church in two o nine,
Rejected war and violence,
Called rule by force the empires crime,
Which threatened mans existence.
Our founder said “the words the way”
Of Politics and Temples,
Who rule by love so neighbours say,
Let’s join these peaceful peoples.
My Church, alas, met Constantine,*
The King of Rome by violence,
And joined the Empires war machine,
As rule by force assistants.
My Christian Church, two thousand nine,
Supports its wars and violence,
“Our wars are just, we’re fighting crime,
While others watch in silence”.
My Christian Church, two thousand nine,
Has lost its independence,
When rule by force wins all the time,
We’re slaves to war and violence.
Two thousand nine; the Empires war,
They threaten nuclear weapons,
Which Humankind rejects before,
We’re loveless lifeless atoms.
To be Religious really means -
To live not needing war machines.

* Until 315AD when Constantine conquered Rome Christians refused to carry arms.

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