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Fredericton Palestine Film Festival

Every Thursday in May at 7pm at Renaissance College – 811 Charlotte St.
Discussion following film.
Admission by donation.

May 7 – To See If I’m Smiling
A film by Tamar Yarom. 2007, 59 min. Israel is the only country in the world where 18-year-old girls are drafted for compulsory military service. In this award-winning documentary, the frank testimonials of six female Israeli soldiers stationed in Gaza and the West Bank pack a powerful emotional punch. The young women revisit their tours of duty in the occupied territories with surprising honesty and strip bare stereotypes of gender differences in the military. At a time when women in the military are increasingly on the frontlines, and the actions of soldiers all over the world are being questioned, this powerful film explores the ways that gender, ethics and moral responsibility intersect during war.

May 14 – Tragedy in the Holy Land
A film by Denis Mueler. 2002, 121 min. Few films about the Middle East view history through the lens of the Palestinians, even though they are the people whose history and daily reality lie at the heart of events in the region. Tragedy in the Holy Land fills a void in conventional accounts of the Israeli/Palestinian struggle. This provocative documentary addresses the core issues of land and identity. It probes the evolution of the seemingly incurable conflict in Palestine from a historical perspective that is typically unknown to American audiences. Using rarely seen archival footage and interviews with various experts and scholars, Tragedy in the Holy Land offers vital information about the roots of the current conflict and the ongoing struggle for survival.

May 21 - Territories.
A film by Mary Ellen Davis. 2007, 65 min. Filmed in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (West Bank and East-Jerusalem), at the border between Mexico and the United States (States of California and Baja California), New York and Southern Ontario in Canada. Through Larry Towell’s lens…Palestinians form a procession around the coffin of a child killed by Israeli bullets. These are territories in dispute. In Mexico, Mennonite communities resist modernity and retain their culture of peace and spirituality – territories of the soul. Nonetheless, drought and globalization force them into poverty and migration – territories as land. Impassible walls and fences are built to separate people ­ forbidden territories.

May 28 – Palestine Blues
A film by Nida Sinnokrot. 2005, 80 min. Following the repercussions of Israel’s security wall and settlement expansion throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Focusing on the village of Jayyous and its non-violent campaign against the wall, Palestine Blues documents the heroic victories and tragic defeats of this farming community’s fight for survival.

Presented by Fredericton Palestine Solidarity, Fredericton Peace Coalition, Jews for a Just Peace and Cinema Politica Fredericton.

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