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Re: Stephen Harper’s record

Stephen Harper has been quoted as saying he “didn’t get into politics to be loved.”

Good thing, I say, because I have a list of 52 actions he has taken since coming into power that affect all of us.

Here are a few from the list.

The occupation of Afghanistan, military spending up, social programs down, accountability promises broken, green plan gets thumbs down, loopholes for oil sands, no incentive for public transit, politicizing selection of judges, attacks on civil liberties, no-fly list without checks and balances, racists toward immigrants, Canada’s sovereignty for sale, nothing said by his government about the disastrous military occupation of Iraq, ignoring war resisters, pro-Israel at all costs, support of the occupation of Palestine, tacit support for threats against Iran, corporate profits at record highs, two-tier health expanding, safe-injection site threatened, Afghan prisoner abuse, and ties to the U.S. not being strong enough?

We now have stronger ties with California, as Rona Ambrose and Doug Horner “support increased collaboration between innovators on both sides of the border.”

Harper cancelled the Kelowna Accord, negotiated under the former Liberal government to help bridge the gap between First Nations People and other Canadians.

The Harper government clearly wants women to stay home and has proven this with rewarding married couples where one partner earns most or all of the income.

Canadians have been warned that the CBC is on the chopping block. Harper is personally opposed to abortion, press access to PMO is limited, Status of Women slashed, AIDS conference snubbed, and his government nixed the Charter Challenge Program. He also broke the law he had enacted to have set election dates.

I think these actions affect most everyone and we should remember them when we to go the polls to vote.

Norma Christie

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