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New Brunswick Day is becoming too militarized

The Daily Gleaner, Published Friday August 8th, 2008

It’s too bad rain had to wreak havoc with New Brunswick Day in Fredericton.

But it wasn’t the only problem.

New Brunswick Day is also being militarized. In the last couple of years there has been more emphasis put on the military, and a fetish for military weapons and equipment. Is this appropriate?

The photograph accompanying your story on page A3 shows a three-year-old boy with a bellicose facial expression holding a missile launcher while another child in the background grips a minesweeping device.

So, while Canadians rightly decry the use of child soldiers in the world’s hotspots, we’re training our own child soldiers on our provincial holiday.

Wouldn’t we be better off having a display about First-Aid or something about poverty awareness?

As long as such chauvinism remains a part of Fredericton’s New Brunswick Day celebrations, my family and I will stay away – rain or shine.

Carey Watt

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