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Merkel attacks Pope for Holocaust-denier’s pardon

The German conservative leader said it was not her custom to intervene in church affairs, but added: “This is different when it comes to matters of principle, and I believe it is a matter of principle when… the impression is created that denying the Holocaust could be permissible.”

It is not my custom to care about church affairs, but it is shocking and disgusting that the Catholic Church would make the political decision to “rehabilitate?” a staunch denier of the holocaust. I can’t be completely surprised given the Church’s other irrational beliefs and bigotry. I am certain that my Catholic friends will be outraged by this. I have many more thoughts but I will refrain because it really speaks for itself.


South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) Refusing to offload a ship coming from Israel to South Africa carrying Israeli Goods

The Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid (CAIA) in Canada commends the members of the South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) in Durban for making history by being the first group of workers to refuse to offload a ship coming from Israel and carrying Israeli goods (statement from union and South African Solidarity Organizations below). This act is not surprising. As workers who have lived under apartheid in South Africa, they understand the miseries of apartheid and the importance of international solidarity work in the struggle against apartheid regimes. In doing so, the workers are taking a strong position, refusing to accept racism, oppression and apartheid as acceptable norms. Today, South Africa is leading the world in the struggle against Israeli apartheid, and giving a clear message, that unless Israel ends the apartheid system it imposes on the Palestinian people, it will be boycotted by the rest of the world.

Stop the Attacks on the Tamil People

The Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has unilaterally abandoned the internationally mediated ceasefire agreement and has engaged in aerial bombings and artillery shelling of civilians in an intense war on the Tamil minority in the country. This war, which has killed as many as 70,000 Tamil civilians has become more brutal. In 2008 alone, thousands of civilians were killed.

On the Question of One-Sided Boycotts

Read a letter exchange between Robert Pollin, co-director of the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, and Naomi on the question of one-sided boycotts.

Belgium to stop exporting ‘arms that bolster the IDF’

Belgium’s government has agreed to ban the export to Israel of weapons that “strengthen it militarily,” a Belgian minister said on Thursday . A Brussels-based research group accused Israel of enlisting child soldiers.

Fascinating Canadian

I was outraged at last Monday’s “Breakfast with a fascinating Canadian” at Pier 21 in Halifax. The “fascinating Canadian” was General Walter J. Natynczyk, Chief of the Defence Staff. Partway through his speech, a woman silently stood in front of the stage and held up a sign that stated opposition to Canada’s role in the war in Afghanistan. What ensued was appalling and unwarranted.

Community Gathering for Gaza

Fredericton Palestine Solidarity, Jews for Just Peace, the Fredericton Islamic Association and Wilmot United Church invite you to attend a Community Gathering for Gaza at the Wilmot United Church (corner of King and Carleton) on Sunday, February 1st at 4:00 pm. The event provides an opportunity for the general public to learn more about the causes of the latest crisis in the Middle-East while sharing authentic Asian-Middle-Eastern cuisine. The Community Gathering will also offer music, speeches, information tables, and a short film screening. Attendance is free and childcare will be available.

For more information, contact

Foreign Occupation Troops Out of Haiti! Freedom and Justice for Haiti!

This February, the Haitian people will commemorate the fifth anniversary of a seminal date in their long and proud history. But it won’t be a celebration. They will mobilize in angry protests to condemn the overthrow of the elected government of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide on February 29, 2004. They will also condemn the decades of foreign domination that has brought the country to ruin; made all the worse since 2004.

Interview with Terry Sapier of the Tobique First Nation

Interview with Terry Sapier of the Tobique First Nation

Between November 12-14, 2008, the historic “Defenders of the Land” gathering took place in Winnipeg. The gathering brought together dozens of grassroots activists, elders, youth, women and men from Indigenous communities across “Canada” who are in active struggle to defend their land and assert self-determination. A new grassroots Indigenous network was created from the gathering, entitled the “Turtle Island Defenders of the Earth” (TIDE).

Come On Down For Your Freedom Medals

On 13 January, George W. Bush presented “presidential freedom medals”, said to be America’s highest recognition of devotion to freedom and peace. Among the recipients were Tony Blair, the epic liar who, with Bush, bears responsibility for the physical, social and cultural destruction of an entire nation; John Howard, the former prime minister of Australia and minor American vassal who led the most openly racist government in his country’s modern era; and Alvaro Uribe, the president of Colombia, whose government, according the latest study of that murderous state, is “responsible for than 90 per cent of all cases of torture”.