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Agent Orange money coming, minister promises again

The federal government, faced with criticism over delays, offered another deadline for promised compensation for victims of toxic defoliants sprayed onto a New Brunswick army base in the mid-1960s.

Mexican Police Violently Block Protest March in Oaxaca

DN!: In the Mexican city of Oaxaca, at least 50 people have been injured and 60 detained after police violently blocked a march led by local teachers and members of APPO, the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca. There are reports that one protester died. The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights accused police of “brutally beating” the demonstrators and roughing up several journalists.

America is just starting to wake up to the awesome scale of its Iraq disaster

Iraq is over. Iraq has not yet begun. Two conclusions from the American debate about Iraq, which dominates the media in the US to the exclusion of almost any other foreign story. Iraq is over insofar as the American public has decided that most US troops should leave. In a Gallup poll earlier this month, 71% favoured “removing all US troops from Iraq by April 1 of next year, except for a limited number that would be involved in counter-terrorism efforts”. CNN’s veteran political analyst Bill Schneider observes that in the latter years of the Vietnam war, the American public’s basic attitude could be summarised as “either win or get out”. He argues that it’s the same with Iraq. Despite George Bush’s increasingly desperate pleas, most Americans have now concluded that the US is not winning. So get out.

Honduras Protest against Open Pit Mining

At least 12 people were injured and 59 arrested Tuesday when Honduran police violently cleared several roadblocks set up by protesters demanding a new mining law, reported ACAN-EFE. 

Protesters say ‘Harper go home’ on PM’s last day in Chile

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was greeted with “Harper go home” and “Canada: What’s HARPERing here?” signs on Wednesday morning as he spent his last day in Chile visiting a controversial Canadian mining company.

Imperialism and the Bully’s Coat

Engler: Linda McQuaig’s new book, Holding the Bully’s Coat: Canada and the US Empire, is far better than most on the subject of Canadian foreign policy. Unfortunately, that is damning with faint praise indeed. For much of the past year I have been doing research for a new book about the history of Canadian foreign policy from an internationalist, working class perspective. What I have learned, quite frankly, has shocked me. That a writer as good as McQuaig can avoid so much that has been wrong with Canadian foreign policy was almost as surprising. The problem is nationalism.

Canadian and Colombian Labour Jointly Reject Trade Talks

In a joint statement, the largest labour federations in Canada and Colombia reject the announced trade negotiations between Canada, Colombia and Peru as “an extreme free-market trade and investment model which guarantees the rights of investors over the human, social, economic, cultural and labour rights of its citizens.”  In Colombia, more union leaders and activists are assassinated in Colombia than in all of the Americas — 2,245 between 1991 and 2006. Moreover, some 8,000 suffered threats, arbitrary detention, kidnapping, torture and disappearances.

Manufacturing Conscription

Of all the slogans used to stifle opposition to America’s aggressive foreign policy, the most infamous is “Support Our Troops.” After dispatching its massive force across the Atlantic, the U.S. public relations industry threw this phrase into the public forum. A scheme undoubtedly contrived for the effect it would have, the public began probing itself for those who did not support the troops.

Controversy swirls over Harper’s plan to visit miner’s offices in Chile

He’s scheduled to visit mining company Barrick Gold’s headquarters in Santiago Wednesday. The company is accused of contributing to the melting of three glaciers, displacing indigenous people in the area and damaging river water quality – charges Barrick denies.

Contact the Canadian Ambassador to Chile, Mr. Norbert Kalisch, and denounced Harper’s plans to meet with Barrick, a proven corporate criminal, while failing to meet with the opponents to Barrick’s controversial Pascua Lama gold mine project. His email address is:

Hundreds of Iraqis protest draft oil law

Video – About 500 oil industry workers gathered in Iraq’s main oil port of Basra on Monday to protest Iraq’s draft oil law