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When: 6:15 pm, Monday, April 2
Where: Wilmot United Church, corner of King and Carleton, Fredericton
Who: You! All welcome!
For more info, email:
When: 7 pm, Tuesday, April 3
Where: Renaissance College, 811 Charlotte St., Fredericton
All welcome! For more info,
Thursday, April 5th, 7pm, UNB campus, Head Hall Auditorium (HC 13). No cost, some refreshments provided.
A presentation by Jon Elmer (, Canadian freelance writer and photojournalist who covers, up close, the under-reported stories of people in Gaza, who live in some of the most difficult conditions in the world under Israeli occupation. Elmer brings several years experience, recently working for the EU-based Inter Press Service; he has photographed and reported from over a dozen countries. Presented by Muslims Students Association, Jews for a Just Peace, Women in Black, RISE and a few more.

“The Worse Things Get in Iraq, the More Privatized This War Becomes

DN!:Acclaimed author and journalist Naomi Klein spoke about the ‘privatization of the state’ at a recent talk in New York City. Klein is a widely read columnist for the Nation magazine and the London Guardian and author of the international bestseller, “No Logo.” Her forthcoming book is titled “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.”

“As An Embedded First-Hand Witness in Iraq…I Want to Share Stories the American Public is Not Aware of and the Mainstream Media is Not Telling” – Iraqi-American Sami Rasouli

DN!: Iraqi American Sami Rasouli was a well-known restaurateur in Minneapolis. In 2004, in the midst of the war and occupation – three decades after leaving Iraq – he returned to his home country to help it recover from the war and U.S. occupation. Rasouli has spent much of his time in the Shiite holy city of Najaf where he was born. He also helped establish the Muslim Peacemaker Team. He recently returned for a visit back to Minneapolis where he joins us today for an extended interview.

Plan Sofia Confirms Guatemalan Massacres

Rights Action: No justice has been done for the genocide and terrorism of the past, that left over 250,000 (mainly impoverished and Mayan) people dead; that forcibly displaced 1,000,000.  BUSINESS AS USUAL: The “international community” (notably: governments of USA and Canada, World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank, global resource extraction companies, …, that all had extensive relations with the genocidal regimes of the past) have extensive on-going economic and military-security dealings with the undemocratic government of Guatemala that is doing nothing to ensure that the rule of law prevails and that justice be done for the crimes of the past.

Iran — how to start a war

Gwynne Dyer: Any day now, a minor clash along Iraq’s land or sea frontier with Iran could kill some American troops and give President Bush an excuse to attack Iran, if he wants one — and he certainly seems to. If the Revolutionary Guards had got it wrong last Friday and attacked an American boarding party by mistake, he would have his excuse now, and bombs might already be falling on Iran. All the pieces are in place, and the war could start at any time.

Iran: An Urgent Call for Diplomacy

An Open Letter to: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay, Stephane Dion, Jack Layton, Gilles Duceppe, and Elizabeth May
Rumours are circulating that the United States is planning to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and conventional military installations, possibly using nuclear bunker busters, on April 6th. Whether or not this is true, the reality is that we are in a dangerous stand off that seems to be inevitably leading to war.
Three Pillars of Diplomacy:
As a non-nuclear nation that is respected as a global peacemaker, Canada has a great opportunity to act as a peace-broker in the current crisis. By speaking out about the nuclear double standards that are the crux of the current crisis, we could create an opening for dialogue with Iran, and shift the focus from the current bilateral stand off to the global problem of establishing a fair and equitable nuclear non-proliferation regime that actually works.
We could call upon both Israel and Iran to open all their nuclear facilities (and weapons) to the IAEA as an immediate confidence-building measure, and as a first step towards establishing a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the volatile Middle East. Israel and the US must be convinced that a war would dramatically increase the dangers in the region and, therefore, compound Israel’s insecurity.
And, we could engage in shuttle diplomacy to convince the US and Iran to engage in bilateral talks without preconditions.
We know that nuclear facilities SHOULD NEVER BE ATTACKED:
Canada was one of several countries that spent years in the UN Conference on Disarmament in Geneva working on a convention prohibiting attacks on nuclear facilities in recognition of the potentially catastrophic consequences of such attacks on the environment and human health. We have a duty to speak out.
The nuclear double-standards:
In 1970 the US and the other nuclear powers pledged under the Non-Proliferation Treaty to dismantle their nuclear arsenals in exchange for a promise from non-nuclear states that they would not pursue nuclear weaponry.
Thirty-seven years later, the world is still waiting.
In the meantime, the nuclear powers have allowed Israel to secretly develop and maintain its Jericho I and II nuclear weapons in the volatile Middle East. They essentially turned a blind eye to the development of nuclear weapons by India and Pakistan. And, the US entered into negotiations -without preconditions – to resolve the nuclear stand off with North Korea. Yet, the US threatens and/or bombs oil-rich countries like Iran and Iraq for ‘allegedly’ pursuing the same weaponry.
US refusal to talk to Iran:
As with Iraq, the US has rebuffed every opportunity for direct talks with the Iranians. They have insisted that Iran capitulate and stop its uranium processing, a legitimate activity for non-nuclear states when performed under strict international controls, before they will enter into negotiations. Demanding capitulation before negotiations is a non-starter and suggests that, as with Iraq, the US is not interested in finding a non-military solution to the crisis.
Despite our difficulties with Iran, we have never completely slammed the door on contact with the Iranian government. This, combined with our diplomatic ties with the United States and Israel, and our status as a non-nuclear country, provide us with an opportunity to actively engage in diplomacy.
Our pride in Canada as a peacemaker is firmly rooted in the role that Lester B. Pearson played in averting war in the Suez in 1956. We have an opportunity to once again bring the world back from the brink of a war that would be a catastrophe not just for Iran, but for the US, Israel, the Middle East, and the world as a whole.
Sometimes the best friends are the ones who save you from yourself.
Jillian Skeet

Vancouver, BC

Siege on Gaza and Canadian Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Siege on Gaza and Canadian Foreign Policy in the Middle East

Asaf Rashid

(March 24, 2007)

On Thursday April 5th (Head hall auditorium, at 7pm), there will be chance for people in Fredericton to hear and see the work of Jon Elmer, a Canadian freelance writer and photojournalist who covers, up close, the stories of people who live in some of the most difficult conditions in the world: the people of Gaza. These are a people whose daily struggles under Israeli occupation largely escape the radar of the mainstream media channels, through which the majority of Canadians receive their news.

The title of Elmer’s presentation is “Siege on Gaza and Canadian Foreign Policy in the Middle East”.

The siege refers to the escalation of the violent, crippling economic and social conditions that the imprisoned communities of Palestinian people in Gaza have been faced with under occupation.

In a particularly painful episode of this siege, during the summer and fall of 2006, more than 450 Palestinians were killed under Israeli aerial bombardment, artillery barrages and two major ground invasions. Overall, the casualty count for 2006 released by Israeli human rights group B’Tselem reports that Israeli forces killed 660 Palestinians, while 17 Israeli civilians were killed, 13 of them in the West Bank.

But looking at the scene before the more recent wreckage is important.

“The situation in Gaza before the siege was already characterized by an economic collapse that the World Bank has described as ‘among the worst in modern history.’ More than three-quarters of Gaza’s population is living on two dollars or less a day. Israel controls the borders, the airspace, the sea and has carried out several large-scale invasions of Gaza since the so-called ‘disengagement’ of Jewish settlers from the strip in 2005,” Elmer explained.

These are conditions that have only been exacerbated by Canadian-supported economic sanctions placed on Palestinians by Israel upon the 2006 democratic election (80% voter turn-out) of Hamas, a resistance movement recognized more for their armed struggle against Israeli occupation than for their diplomacy. In an April 2006 interview with Elmer, Palestinian Legislative Council Member Hanan Ashrawi explained the elections as follows:

“There was quite a bit of a protest vote, and there was also a vote that sent a message to Israel and the U.S. People said to Israel, if you are going to be violent and hardline, we are going to elect your counterparts in Palestine—hardline and violent…They felt that the failure of the peace camp and the moderates meant there is only one option: Hamas and the agenda of resistance and reform.”

In reference to Canadian support of the Israeli State-imposed sanctions against funds and other resources being sent to the Hamas government, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay made the bold statement, “not a red cent to Hamas”. Elmer views these sanctions as further injury upon the already injured. “The sanctions have exacerbated an already significant humanitarian crisis, as all forms of international organizations and human rights groups that have operated in Gaza have been saying for years.”, he said.

But such a bold statement by Peter MacKay is not an isolated incident in terms of trends in Canadian foreign policy in general; neither is the Canadian government’s support for the State of Israel despite the implosive and explosive actions that State is taking with the Palestinian people.

Canadian foreign policy has taken on a markedly more aggressive character in the last few years, showing (and providing) support for violent economic and social control in the Middle East that fits neatly within a neo-colonial paradigm of economic and social expansionism. Canada’s cooperation in the U.S. led War on Terror’s front in Afghanistan displays this character.

Part of Elmer’s presentation will be to convey the much under-reported dynamics of the changing face of Canadian foreign policy, which details what is really meant when high level Canadian military officials such as Canada’s top soldier Rick Hillier say that Canadian forces will transition from peace-keeping to war fighting.

Elmer has recently been writing about a new “counter-insurgency” manual produced by the Canadian Forces. The manual states that counter-insurgency (Canada’s war on Afghanistan) is a “…multi-agency approach – military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological and civic actions – that seeks to not only defeat the insurgents themselves, but the root causes of, and support for, the insurgency”. This is essentially a definition of colonization: complete subjugation of occupied people by force and pacification.

The more aggressive and subjugating foreign policy of the Canadian government should not be taken lightly according to Elmer. “There are consequences to aggressive interventions: it is reasonable to expect that if Canada is going to commit violent acts at home and abroad, it is leaving itself open to violence in return. This country’s policies around the world are not simply matters of debate, they have real consequences,” he said.

Jon Elmer will have a lot more to say and show on April 5th, bringing his rich experience of the last several years as a writer (as of recently working for the EU-based Inter Press Service) and photojournalist who has photographed and reported from over a dozen countries, with the most significant work being over the last few years in the West Bank and Gaza. He has resided in these difficult environments during his assignments, “reporting on the receiving side of the overwhelming military force, not accompanying it,” he explained. His presentation will take on Thursday April 5th, at 7pm. The location will be the UNB’s Head Hall Auditorium (HC 13). There is no cost to the event and there will be some refreshments. To see more of Jon Elmer’s work, check his website:

Contrast Gildan’s Top Salaries with Haiti’s Minimum Wage

From Richard Sanders-

Working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week at minimum wage in Gildan sweatshops, Haitians would have to work 2481 years to earn CEO Glen Chamandy’s 2006 salary, and 8016 years
for CFO Laurence Sellyn’s 2006 salary.

Assuming he worked 40 hours per week in 2006, Gildan’s CEO Glen Chamandy received a Haitian sweatshop workers’ annual salary every 50 minutes, while Gildan CFO Laurence Sellyn earned that much every 15 minutes.

(Source: Press for Conversion!  published by the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade
Issue #60 (March 2007) “A Very Canadian Coup d’état in Haiti:
The Top 10 Ways that Canada’s Government helped the 2004 Coup and its Reign of Terror”

See the above wage-disparity factoids (and grinning photos of Sellyn and Chamandy) on page 45 of the latest issue of Press for Conversion!

Canadian accord sets ethical mining norms

“In a move that could revolutionize global mining, Canadian mining representatives have struck an unprecedented accord with environmentalists and human-rights advocates on ways to ensure mining and oil companies act ethically in their overseas operations.

The pact would create the world’s first independent mining ombudsman and sketches out environmental and social standards for projects in the developing world, where standards are often lax or poorly enforced.”

Castro lashes out at biofuel

CBC: In his first political comment in months, ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro broke his silence in a newspaper column Thursday to heap scorn on U.S. President George W. Bush’s “sinister” environmental policies.

“The sinister idea of converting food into combustibles was definitively established as the economic line of the foreign policy of the United States,” the letter reads.

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