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Pictures of Harper Protest in Fredericton, August 14, 2008

Protesters line up at Harper event

Deport Harper Not War Resisters

Stop Genocidal Policies

No Justice on Stolen Lands

Let Them Stay

Group photo

The NATO Occupation and Fundamentalism

ISLAMABAD – The Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is a women’s organization that runs underground schools and other projects, educates Afghan girls, runs a periodic journal, and agitates politically for women’s rights, human rights, secularism, and social justice in Afghanistan. From the 1979 Soviet invasion through to the 2006 closings of the camps, millions of Afghan refugees lived in Pakistan and many still do. While RAWA’s operations were always based primarily in Afghanistan, they have also had a strong presence in the Pakistan refugee community. I spoke to Mariam from RAWA in Islamabad when I was there in July 2008.

Justice for Freddy Villanueva, the 43rd Montreal police killing in 22 years

On Saturday August 9, 2008, at about 7pm, a police officer from Station 39 fired four bullets that injured two youth and killed Freddy Villaneuva, 18, in Montreal-Nord. The Collective Opposed to Police Brutality (COBP) offers its condolences and solidarity to the Villaneuva family who are beginning a difficult journey that we hope will lead to the truth and real justice. We offer our solidarity as well to members of the community, and in particular to the families of the two injured youth, Denis Meas, and Jeffrey Sagor Metelus who is still in hospital.

Tell Harper: Don’t Deport Hinzman Family!

Tell Stephen Harper: Don’t Deport Hinzman Family!

U.S. Iraq War resister Jeremy Hinzman and his wife and two children have been ordered to leave Canada by September 23rd.

In spite of Hinzman’s four and a half years living, working and raising a family in Canada, the Harper government plans to deport him to the United States where he will likely face a court martial and a potential military jail sentence and felony conviction. This flies in the face of democracy and the will of Canadians: Parliament passed a motion in support of war resisters June 3rd, 82% of Canadians oppose the Iraq war (Strategic Counsel poll), and 64% of Canadians support war resisters (Angus Reid poll).


– Read the War Resisters Support Campaign press release and circulate it widely

– Tell Immigration Minister Diane Finley to use her power to stop deportation of war resisters and allow war resisters to stay in Canada. Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Let The War Resisters Stay!

The Right Hon. Stephen Harper
Phone: (613) 992-4211

The Hon. Diane Finley
Ottawa office: (613) 954-1064
Simcoe office: (519) 426-3400
Dunnville Office: (905) 701-1881
E-mail: / /

Make these points when you contact them –
- respect Parliament and implement the June 3rd motion in support of war resisters staying in Canada
- 82% of Canadians oppose the Iraq war
- 64% of Canadians in an Angus Reid national poll want war resisters to stay in Canada
- Jeremy Hinzman and his family have lived and worked here for over 4 years and made a real contribution; they should not be deported because they oppose the Iraq war

September 13th is a pan-Canadian Day of Action to support war resisters to call on the Harper government to stop the deportations. Aactions, demonstrations, and pickets will take place in cities and towns all across Canada.

Organize a local action for September 13th. Let the War Resisters Support Campaign what you are planning.

Phone: (416) 598-1222

Antonio Morales, Maya Mam, community organizer assassinated, fought GoldCorp’s Montana mining in Guatemala

Antonio Morales, a Guatemalan indigenous leader from the CUC, Committee of Campesino Unity, was attacked and hacked to death yesterday morning as he returned to his home in Colotenango, Guatemala. Morales was a national leader of the CUC, CNOC and Maya Waqib Kej, three of Guatemala’s most important indigenous organizations which have actively opposed large scale mining projects, hydroelectric projects and the privatization of water. Such is the case in San Miguel Iztahuacan, San Marcos where Montana Exploring a subsidiary of Canada’s Goldcorp Inc has spent thousands of dollars on trying to halt a community led plebiscite that poses to threaten Montana’s mining exploration and mineral extraction. Fifty-nine mayors of local villages and towns in the region have unified in opposition to Montana’s mining and the result has been increased military presence in the region to protect Montana’s interests.

Huge Stakes Behind War in Caucasus

Saakashvili, the darling of the West, has also made Georgia into a Ghurka of U.S. imperialism. Today, after the withdrawal of troops by some countries, Georgia is the third country in Iraq, after the U.S. and the UK, in terms of troops on the ground. A country with a population of less than 5 million, a country whose people are suffering from unemployment and poverty maintains two thousand troops in Iraq! It is not imminent defeat at Russian hands that should shame the Georgian people, but the fact that the country has acted as the hitman of U.S. imperialism in Iraq.

Meet the Hunger Striking Grandma Against Uranium!

Join a discussion with Donna Dillman, the Ontario grandmother who staged a 68-day hunger strike last fall against a proposed uranium mine and her partner, Mike Nickerson, author of Life, Money & Illusion: Living on Earth as if we want to stay.

During their presentations, while Mike looks at the big picture, Donna, the Lanark area grandmother who recently went 68 days without eating to protest uranium exploration and mining in eastern Ontario, speaks to an ‘on the ground’ example of what needs changing.

For more information -
Contact: Tracy at 458-8747 or email

Organized by the Conservation Council of New Brunswick.

Urgent Action: Save SOPUDEP School

Please write a letter to:

1. Demand that this illegal attempt to seize SOPUDEP’s school property by the Mayor’s office in Petion-Ville stop immediately.

2. Demand that the legal rights of this important institution be respected according to the 12-year lease negotiated with the Haitian national government in 2000.

3. Demand that all acts of intimidation and coercion by the Mayor’s office in Petion-Ville to seize the SOPUDEP school halt immediately.

Email your letters to the school’s director, Rea Dol. She will make copies and hand deliver them. Email your letters to:
Madame Rea Dol, Director SOPUDEP School

Sample Letter:

Honorable Lydie Clark Parent
Mayor of Petion-Ville

Dear Madame Parent,

It has come to my attention that on July 28, 2008 your office issued a 8 day eviction notice to the SOPUDEP school located in morne Lazarre. As a supporter of this important institution I demand that their rights be respected and the school be allowed to continue without further intervention.

The SOPUDEP school has a 12-year lease on its current location that has been respected by previous administrations at the local and national level in Haiti. They have worked closely with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Education to insure that
SOPUDEP school conforms to all the codes necessary for operating the school.

In closing, we are aware of statements you have made in the past concerning the importance of helping the poor in Haiti and the
community. We ask that you recognize the value of the service provided by the SOPUDEP school to Petion-Ville’s poorest and most
vulnerable school age children. Please respect the legal rights of the SOPUDEP school and honor the 12-year lease negotiated with the government in 2000.


Privatisation: une syndicaliste colombienne met le N.-B. en garde

Une syndicaliste colombienne qui milite contre la privation des services publics était de passage au Nouveau-Brunswick pour donner un aperçu de la situation colombienne en ce domaine et éviter que la situation ne se transpose ici. Le Syndicat de la fonction publique (SCFP), section Nouveau-Brunswick, accueille présentement Maria Fernanda Bolanos, âgée de 34 ans. Mme Bolanos est à l’emploi de la société EMSIRVA, qui s’occupe de traitement des déchets solides dans la ville de Cali.

Help without arms and troops

Letter to the Editor, 8 August 2008

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said last week that “Canadian troops are not in Afghanistan to guard a new natural gas pipeline,” but rather to “help the people of Afghanistan to help themselves.”

On the other hand, the Agency Co-ordinating Body for Afghan Relief – an umbrella group representing some 100 aid groups and NGOs – just declared that violence is at its worst level in Afghanistan since the fall of the Taliban regime in 2001. The agency stated that “some 1,000 civilians were killed this year and their deaths were caused mainly by insurgents, but also by air strikes by international forces.”

A reported 260 civilians were killed in July, which is more than any other month since 2001, the statement said.

Given these facts, I am sure there are other ways to “help people to help themselves.”

What about real aid – without weapons and troops – to help Afghanistan and many other countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and Latin America rebuild their national agriculture to face the food crisis?

Bruno Marquis
Gatineau, Quebec