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Archive for November 28th, 2009

UNB begins training explosive-ordnance technicians

CBC: The University of New Brunswick’s College of Extended Learning is offering an explosive new course: Canada’s first training program in the field of unexploded explosive ordnance, known as UXO. The Fredericton-based program will train students to be Level 1 technicians who know how to find and safely detonate everything from bullets to artillery shells [...]

Pull Canadian troops, says Globe and Mail journalist

The Globe and Mail’s foreign correspondent Graeme Smith has written an opinion piece calling for Canadian troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan.

U.S. journalist says she was delayed at border, questioned about speech

Ms. Goodman characterized the questioning as an undue attack on the freedom of the press.

Three found guilty in connection with violent Atlantica protest in Halifax

Atlantica is the real criminal.

Honduran military shoots man on eve of “free and fair” elections

Between Thursday at midnight and early Friday morning, four young men were traveling in a car near the High Command of the Honduran Army. Suddenly the men saw a soldier shouting for them to stop. The driver, Angel Fabricio Salgado Hernandez, age 34, applied the brakes, but before the car could stop, the soldier opened [...]