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Archive for April, 2007

May Day Press Release from Colombian Coal Miners’ Union

This press release comes from the mine workers’ union at the Cerrejon coal mine where Colombian coal is mined then shipped and consumed in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the States. NATIONAL UNION OF WORKERS IN THE COAL INDUSTRY “SINTRACARBON” Personería Jurídica No. 000109 del 18 de enero de 1996 PRESS RELEASE No.DPP055 –010507  ¡FOR [...]

Canadian child in the dock at Guantanamo show trials

While mistreatment of Afghan detainees has made the news this week, a Toronto-born Canadian is about to be put on trial by a U.S. military kangaroo court at the notorious Guantanamo prison camp for “crimes” he committed as an “illegal combatant” between the ages of 10 and 15.

RAWA Marks the Anniversary of Fundamentalist Rule in Kabul with Protests in Islamabad

View the protest photos and video clip at the link above.

Tuesdays in May *Panzós Exhibit Events*

Panzós: 25 years later… is a breathtaking exhibit featuring original painting, descriptive banners, and portrait, journalistic and forensic photography by Guatemalan artist Marlón García Arriaga. The exhibit centers around the lives, opinions and actions of the survivors of the Panzós massacre -especially the women survivors, who have been at the forefront of the resistance. The [...]

The Empire’s “Good Cop”: Canada’s New Counter-Insurgency Doctrine

Reading the recent draft publication of the Canadian Forces’ first-ever Counter-Insurgency (COIN) manual, I could not help but draw comparisons between the police-state-like mentality which characterizes the document, and the invasive nature of Western medicine, which tends to surgically remove or symptomatically treat diseases without showing much concern for the root causes of the ailment.

A Victory in West Papua

The global wave of organized resistance to multinational mining companies continues with a strike at Freeport McMoran in West Papua. Workers employed by mining multinational Freeport McMoran in the Indonesian province of West Papua struck from 18 to 21 April, gaining a 100 percent wage increase among other concessions. 6,000 workers at Grasberg, the world’s [...]

Prisoner abuse probe needed: activist

Allegations of Canadian complicity in human rights violations in Afghanistan are only the tip of the iceberg, according to Kamloops antiwar activist, John McNamer.  The Daily News, Kamloops, April 26, 2007: “No one responded a year ago when John McNamer lobbied every federal politician in the country about illegal abuse and torture of prisoners in [...]

Ban Asbestos Canada

April 28th demonstration to ban asbestos March in Washington, DC, designed to embarrass Canada.

Health Canada muzzles oilsands whistleblower

AB physician sounded cancer alarm, slapped with College complaint

Tell Barrick to Stop Mining on Sacred Grounds

What would you do if someone came onto your land and started drilling for gold? It’s happening right now to the Western Shoshone people of Nevada.