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Warship departs from Halifax port for six-month deployment in Arabian Sea

The vessel, with more than 300 aboard, will be taking part in Operation Altair, part of Canada’s contribution to Operation Enduring Freedom, the code-name for the American-led war on terror.

Terrified Roma man in hiding as wife, son beg Ottawa for sympathy

A Roma refugee terrified of being sent back to Hungary remained in hiding Wednesday while his distraught wife and teenaged son appealed to the federal justice minister to reconsider his extradition.

Solidarity with Tesla

Tesla’s sentencing finally came down a few days ago. Her guilt was affirmed and she was sentenced to 4 years in prison. Tesla will appeal this in the supreme court of Honduras on May 14th, 2008. As such, we are renewing our efforts for international solidarity. At the Supreme Court, Telsa will ask that the case be thrown out and her freedom granted. The Supreme Court has the power to make this happen. We are seeking international support for a colleague and friend, Tesla Ventura. She has been unjustly persecuted for her actions in support of her community.

For more info on the case, please click here to read a message from Tesla about her struggles since she and other community members dared to stand up to for the students in their community.

Take Action: Ask NB Power for a Human Rights Policy!

Flyer – Action Alert for Colombian Trade Unionists and Human Rights Defenders

As consumers of Colombian coal, we are asking NB Power to:

1. Develop a detailed human rights policy to be used in business dealings. We request that NB Power ensure that their purchases, operations or investments do not directly or indirectly contribute to human rights abuses, either by commission, omission or negligence. Compliance with such a policy should be done through an independent third party. Similar to NB Power’s environmental policy, we hope that NB Power would clearly communicate its human rights values to their suppliers, contractors, business partners and the general public. We hope that NB Power’s human rights policy would include the highest of standards such as International Labour Organization (ILO) standards that uphold the rights of Indigenous peoples and the safety of trade unionists. Such a policy would ensure that our electricity in the future is not associated with human rights abuses.

2. Put pressure on Colombian authorities to investigate and bring to justice those responsible for the murder of Adolfo Gonzáles Montes, a union leader with SINTRACARBON. The rule of law needs to be restored in Colombia and the impunity must end for crimes against trade unionists, human rights defenders and civilians.

3. Put pressure on the Colombian authorities to take immediate measures to protect the life of threatened trade unionists and human rights defenders in Colombia. The Colombian government’s failure to act on such crimes allows the perpetrators to kill and harass trade unionists and human rights defenders with impunity.

Tyendinaga Mohawk Update

**URGENT** Tyendinaga 9:30 am Monday morning, April 28th

We have just been informed by the Tyendinaga Mohawk community spokespeople that SWAT teams are amassing right now on the Deseronto and Slash Roads, bordering the Tyendinaga quarry reclamation site. Community spokesperson Jason Maracle has just been told by the OPP to pull people out of the quarry because they are going in.

Please call the premier’s office immediately and urge them to:

-Honour Mohawk land, call off the OPP: Do not risk people’s lives for a gravel pit the government has already acknowledged is on Mohawk land!

-Release all First Nations political prisoners!

Premier Dalton McGuinty: 416-325-1941 (phone) 416-325-3745

Saturday, 12:30 AM: OPP Moving in on Mohawks in Tyendinaga?

Mohawks surrounded at the quarry in Tyendinaga. Ontario Provincial Police OPP [are]fully armed with guns drawn. They are yelling through blow horns ordering the Rotiskenrekete to come down with their hands up, or else they are going to take them out. The Rotiskenrekete have told the OPP they are not coming down from there. We have been informed that help will probably not arrive in time. The OPP have said they are coming right away. There are 20 left at the quarry. Many have already been arrested.

Montreal college cancels workshop critical of Canadian support for Israel

ASSÉ, CALEB and Tadamon! denounce the decision of a Montreal college to cancel a presentation critical of Canadian support for Israel. The workshop, scheduled to have taken place today, was canceled after the administration of Collège Bois-de-Boulogne came under pressure from supporters of Israel. This attack on basic freedom of expression is all the more disturbing because it occurs on a campus.

Canada Reffirms Opposition to Indigenous Declaration

Following up last week’s announcement by the Canadian House of Commons which called on the Federal Government to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, an announcement that had me believing pigs could fly, on Monday the (minority) government of Canada was kind enough to set the record straight.

Amnesty International online petition to support KI and the Algonquins

Amnesty International has an online petition to support KI and the Algonquins and to demand changes in the Mining Act.


Attacks on Indigenous people continue. Canada isn’t satisfied to waste billions of dollars a year on war missions overseas. It’s using the same armored fist at home. Today the town of Deseronto on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory was surrounded by the armed forces of the Ontario Provincial Police. Deseronto is an illegal non-native enclave. With eyes wide open, Emile and his father Theodore Nibourg of Napanee Ontario , who own the “Smiling Wilderness Restaurant” on the Trans-Canada Highway , decided they wanted to build a $35 million condominium on Mohawk land in Deseronto overlooking the Bay of Quinte . Never mind that they don’t own the land, Canada refuses to acknowledge Indigenous property rights. The Nibourgs are real estate developers of commercial and residential properties out of Kingston Ontario . They are fully aware of the Culbertson Land dispute which has been the focus of negotiations between the federal government and the Mohawks since 1995.