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Canada near top in Third World aid, close to rock bottom on environment

“But Canada’s positive impact is reduced by its large share of tied foreign aid, its arms exports to undemocratic governments, and its poor environmental record from the standpoint of developing countries,” reads the report.

Chomsky: Derailing a Deal

10/08/07 “Khaleej Times“NUCLEAR-armed states are criminal states. They have a legal obligation, confirmed by the World Court, to live up to Article 6 of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, which calls on them to carry out good-faith negotiations to eliminate nuclear weapons entirely. None of the nuclear states has lived up to it. The United States is a leading violator, especially the Bush administration, which even has stated that it isn’t subject to Article 6.

Woodland Cree file lawsuit against Alta oilsands leases

The Woodland Cree First Nation of northwestern Alberta launched legal action against the province Tuesday, arguing they should be consulted before any oilsands leases are sold on traditional lands.

The New Taliban

In a swath of territory across Afghanistan and Pakistan, a wild and lawless new state is being born. As warlords struggle for control and Islamic militants pour in, Jason Burke travels deep into the region to reveal hidden forces fuelling a growing conflict in the front line of the ‘War on Terror’

Coalition Justice for Adil

The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui formed in Montreal in a matter of days after Charkaoui’s abrupt arrest.

The Coalition is an alliance of Muslim groups, refugee and immigrant rights organizations, anti-oppression groups and the Charkaoui family.

We demand 1) the immediate release of all Security Certificate detainees, 2) a fair trial (if any case exists), 3) an end to deportation proceedings against the five, 4) the abolition of “security certificates”, 5) an end to deportations to torture and 6) an end to the racist scape-goating of Muslim and Arab communities.

Columbus Day – As Rape Rules Africa and American Churches Embrace Violent ‘Christian’ Video Games

“Gold is most excellent; gold constitutes treasure; and he who has it does all he wants in the world, and can even lift souls up to Paradise.”

– Christopher Columbus, 1503 letter to the king and queen of Spain.

“Christopher Columbus not only opened the door to a New World, but also set an example for us all by showing what monumental feats can be accomplished through perseverance and faith.”

–George H.W. Bush, 1989 speech

What Does It Mean to ‘Support the Troops’?

The simplistic propaganda that equates “support for the troops” with support for the President’s war politics has always been cheap demagoguery, designed to shut down (or in the case of talk radio, out shout) reasoned political criticism of the war.

Canada’s Foreign Minister visits imaginary Afghanistan

Canadian officials have often pointed to hopeful developments in southern Afghanistan, but they rarely challenge the statistics cited by the United Nations and private security analysts that suggest an overall worsening trend.

“The security situation in Afghanistan is assessed by most analysts as having deteriorated at a constant rate through 2007,” said a paper by the UN Department of Safety and Security in August. That report showed violent incidents increased almost 25 per cent this year, although the authors noted that the figure may be conservative. 

Afghans Pressed By U.S. on Plan To Spray Poppies

After the biggest opium harvest in Afghanistan’s history, American officials have renewed efforts to persuade the government here to begin spraying herbicide on opium poppies, and they have found some supporters within President Hamid Karzai’s administration, officials of both countries said.

The Invasion of Afghanistan, Six Years Later

Patrick Coburn: Six years after a war was launched to overthrow the Taliban, British solders are still being killed in bloody skirmishing in a conflict in which no final victory is possible.