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Too many stressed soldiers missed, report says

Some Canadian Forces personnel who suffer from operational stress injuries are not being diagnosed and are not receiving the care and treatment they need ”to continue to be contributing members” of society, a report by the military ombudsman says.

‘I was still holding my grandson’s hand – the rest was gone’

“We were walking, I was holding my grandson’s hand, then there was a loud noise and everything went white. When I opened my eyes, everybody was screaming. I was lying metres from where I had been, I was still holding my grandson’s hand but the rest of him was gone. I looked around and saw pieces of bodies everywhere. I couldn’t make out which part was which.”

Opposition parties call for RCMP Taser ban

Opposition parties want the RCMP to stop using Taser stun guns after the force refused to reclassify the weapons to restrict use. The Liberals and NDP say the Mounties missed a parliamentary committee’s Dec. 15 deadline to categorize the 50,000-volt electronic devices as impact weapons. Reclassifying Tasers would limit their use to situations where a person assaults police or the public, or poses a serious threat of harm or death

Afghanistan faces ‘long struggle’

NATO wants to intensify its attack on Afghanistan because it is losing. Afghan Civilians will suffer. Canadian civilians need to call for an end to imperialism.

“There are about 31,000 US troops in Afghanistan but General David McKiernan, the senior US commander in Afghanistan, has asked for an extra 20,000 soldiers to be sent to the country.”

U.S. war resister faces deportation Christmas Eve, support group says

The War Resisters Support Campaign says Citizenship and Immigration Canada has told a U.S. war resister living in Nanaimo, B.C., that he must leave Canada by Dec. 24, or face removal by force.

They are just out of school and would rather go to jail than serve in the Israeli military

This Thursday, a group of Israeli young men and women, barely out of school, will bring home some important truths about the situation in Israel/Palestine for those who care to listen. The Shministim (Hebrew for twelfth-graders) are Israelis who, having been called up for compulsory military service, have refused to serve in an occupying army and are thus sent to prison for refusing the draft.

Gaza in Crisis December 2008

This video describes in pictures and words the shocking details of Palestinian life and society in Gaza. Its purpose is to call attention to the plight of a people under siege, which so far has been chillingly ignored by governments and the world media unwilling to call Israel to account for its criminal execution of the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from their own land.

Iraq rally for Bush shoe attacker

Thousands of Iraqis have demanded the release of a local TV reporter who threw his shoes at US President George W Bush at a Baghdad news conference.

Thousands raid Barrick’s North Mara mine, destroy $15 million in equipment

In what appears to be a civilian movement against Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold miner, thousands of people invaded Barrick`s North Mara Gold Mine this week in Tarime District and destroyed equipment worth $15 million. According to a Barrick Public Relations officer (as reported by the Tanzanian Guardian newspaper), “the intruders stoned the security personnel relentlessly until they overpowered them. The guards abandoned their posts and retreated to safety.”

Barrick Gold is a Canadian-owned mining company. Check out Protest Barrick here.

Top ten reasons why Canada should cancel Harper’s “free trade deal” with Colombia

More labour leaders are killed in Colombia every year than in the rest of the world combined! Trade unionists are terrorized to put a chill on union organizing. This keeps unions weak and wages miserably low. It benefits businesses’ bottom line and keeps Colombia attractive for foreign investment.

Who is being targeted? Prime targets are activists who are trying to organize or join a union and bargain collectively, or who are engaged in industrial disputes or in fighting privatization. They are teachers,
prison guards, agricultural, food, and health care workers, and others from almost every sector.