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“We say welcome”: Report from national day of action for Tamil asylum seekers

On Saturday August 21st, close to 250 people gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Coast Salish Territories as part of a National Day of Action to demand the release of detained Tamil asylum seekers and an end to racist and restrictive refugee policies.

Let the Tamil migrants stay

The Canadian Peace Alliance, Canada’s largest peace network, urges the government of Canada to respect the human rights of the Tamil refugees arriving in British Colombia. The Tamil people have already endured decades of repression at the hands of the Sri Lankan government, culminating in a war in 2009 which resulted in thousands of civilian [...]

Why should we welcome boatful of Tamil refugees into Canada

Harsha Wali: Instead of relying on sensationalism, let us ask: On what basis are the Tamil migrants being declared terrorists? Is it even logical that well-financed and often state-backed terrorists or traffickers would suffer in a three-month long, arduous journey risking death? Even if we believe that women and children were forced onto this boat, [...]

Uphold the Rights of Tamil Migrants aboard MV Sun Sea!

Approximately 200-500 Tamils have risked their lives in an extremely long and dangerous journey looking for a place where they can live in safety. We say: LET THEM STAY! No One is Illegal calls on all allies, fighters, trouble makers and social justice activists to organize and fight the racist and anti-immigrant sentiments and policies [...]

UN warns Sri Lanka over prison camps

Four months after the government’s attack on the Tamil people, in the name of defeating ELAM “aid groups have complained that conditions in the vast Menik Farms camp, where most people remain behind razor-wire, are still inadequate.”

Unlock the camps in Sri Lanka

300,000 people displaced by the fighting in Sri Lanka are held by the government in de facto detention camps. They cannot leave the camps, where conditions are “appalling” according to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

No refuge

Montreal Tamil refugees face deportation back to Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger Leader Killed; Sri Lanka Claims Victory in 25-Year Civil War

Democracy Now!: Sri Lanka’s quarter-century-long civil war is in its final throes, with the militant Tamil separatist group the Tamil Tigers, or the LTTE, almost completely defeated. The Sri Lankan military said today that the fifty-four-year-old leader of the LTTE, Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead. Army Commander Sarath Fonseka announced that the army had “liberated the [...]

Massacres in Tamil Elam

Given the recent massacres in Tamil Eelam (between 400 – 2000 killed in 24 hours alone this past weekend), the Tamil community in Toronto occupied the Gardiner Expressway, one of the major thoroughfares in the city, on Sunday night. Please email letters of support demanding immediate sanctions and that the Canadian government cease support for [...]

Sri Lankan Government closed war zone to UN

UN  humanitarian affairs chief, John Holmes, is unable to get permission from Mahinda Rajapkase, the Sri Lankan president, to allow a UN aid mission into a pocket of rebel-held land that is surrounded by the Sri Lankan military.