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Know Your Rights

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Toronto Call – No more police state tactics

Check out this statement that you are being asked to sign. We believe it is urgent to get as many signatures on a call for a public inquiry. We believe it is possible to shift the terms to debate, and to shine a spotlight on the abusive police practices during the G8/G20. But we need [...]

‘It’s up to the cops’ whether things get violent, protest organizer says

Globe and Mail: “They’re preparing buses, itineraries, bathrooms and places to crash for the night; they’re fundraising, holding media-training workshops and setting up a detailed, week-long schedule of events. Organizers behind the protests surrounding Toronto’s G20 summit in June expect people to come from as far as Vancouver, Quebec City and the United States, representing [...]

Decision finds police at Montebello incited violence

More than two years after they posed as protestors at a demonstration against the North American Leaders’ Summit in Montebello, three Quebec police officers were found to have “failed to respect the authority of the law by inciting persons to violence.”

Israel’s Man of Conscience

Ezra Nawi is going to prison–for peacefully resisting settler and army violence against West Bank Palestinians and the illegal expropriation of their land.

Police Violently Attack Peaceful Indigenous Blockade in the Peruvian Amazon

Eight indigenous people are confirmed dead and 18 injured at a peaceful demonstration. Two days ago, the implementing legislation of the Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement was passed in parliament. Indigenous peoples have vowed to continue protests until the Peruvian Congress revokes the “free trade” decrees issued by President Garcia under special powers granted by Congress [...]

Oakland rebels against the police execution of Oscar Grant

There is a video of Oscar Grant handcuffed, on the ground, helpless, when the police murder him. Video also of the rallies that followed.