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Canadian Military suicides up in 2008

More Canadian soldiers killed themselves in 2008 than the year before, but the overall suicide rate has remained steady throughout the war in Afghanistan, says a military study. Newly released Defence Department documents show 15 active-duty members of the military took their own lives last year, a rate of 23 per 100,000. In 2007 there [...]

The Life and Lonely Death of Noah Pierce

Noah Pierce’s headstone gives his date of death as July 26, 2007, though his family feels certain he died the night before, when, at age twenty-three, he took a handgun and shot himself in the head. No one is sure what pushed him to it. He said in his suicide note it was impotence-a common [...]

Soldier suffering from PTSD gets probation

A judge said Monday a soldier who assaulted his two pre-teen sons is a victim as well – he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by military tours overseas.

U.S. soldier in Iraq shoots dead five comrades

A U.S. soldier shot dead five fellow soldiers at a military clinic in Baghdad on Monday in an incident that the top U.S. military officer suggested may have been triggered by stress.

Too many stressed soldiers missed, report says

Some Canadian Forces personnel who suffer from operational stress injuries are not being diagnosed and are not receiving the care and treatment they need ”to continue to be contributing members” of society, a report by the military ombudsman says.

Judge sees more cases of PTSD, violent acts

Domestic violence perpetrated by soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder appears to be on the rise, a provincial court judge said Monday.

A soldier’s sad story, one of a number

Matthew Charles Keddy used to be a happy young man who was excited about his life. But according to his family that was before the 25-year-old Canadian Forces Base Gagetown soldier served in Afghanistan. He hasn’t been the same since his return from the war-torn country. He has suffered depression and anxiety, a suicide attempt, [...]