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List of 140 Afghan dead includes 93 children

Ninety-three children and 25 adult women are among a list of 140 names of Afghans who villagers say were killed in a battle and U.S. air strikes last week, causing a crisis between Washington and its Afghan allies.

Gaza case studies: Weapons use

Qusai al-Habbash, 48, a science teacher and the father of the two girls who died, says the area had been calm and that families along the street had been going about their business as normal. “Still, I thought of warning my children not to go outside, because of what was happening in other areas,” he [...]

Sri Lanka: Govt artillery fire into “Safe Zone” kills 2000 civilians

Within past 52 days over 2000 were killed and over 5000 injured when SF continuously shells fired on the government announced “Safe Zone”. Thousands of artillery shells have been fired into the safety zone in what was described as the most inhumane genocidal attacks on civilian population. Over 500 children were among over 2000 civilians [...]

After the army killed her family, a wounded child spends two days in an abandoned home

Amira, is a Palestinian child who fled her home after the army shelled it and took shelter in a nearby home bleeding and scared for two days without food and without anyone who can take care of her wounds.

40+ Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza School Sheltering Refugees

DN!: In the deadliest attack since Israel launched its assault on Gaza twelve days ago, up to forty-two Palestinians died on Tuesday after Israel fired mortars at a United Nations school that was sheltering Palestinians who had been forced to flee their homes. Fifty-five Palestinians were also wounded in the attack. Doctors said all of [...]

Afghan Parents Selling Their Sons to Survive

While girls are are rarely traded, boys can fetch substantial sums – at least in the eyes of the poor couples who give up a child simply to allow the rest of the family to survive. Mr Mohammed said: “I sold a piece of my heart to stop my four other children dying of hunger. [...]

Urgent Action: Save SOPUDEP School

Please write a letter to: 1. Demand that this illegal attempt to seize SOPUDEP’s school property by the Mayor’s office in Petion-Ville stop immediately. 2. Demand that the legal rights of this important institution be respected according to the 12-year lease negotiated with the Haitian national government in 2000. 3. Demand that all acts of [...]

Afghan children ‘forgotten victims’ of war: UN

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says children in Afghanistan suffer more than in any other country in the world from violence, war and poverty.

Israeli fire kills girl in Gaza

From BBC: “Palestinian medical officials said six-year-old Hadeel Smari was decapitated by the tank shell explosion while she was in the back yard of her house. Two adult relatives were wounded in the attack, doctors said. Israeli officials said they were unaware of any civilian casualties. “

Peacekeepers raping children

‘Children as young as six are being sexually abused by peacekeepers and aid workers, says a leading UK charity. “They grabbed me and threw me to the ground and they forced themselves on me… I tried to escape but there were 10 of them and I could do nothing,” she said.’