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NB Media Co-op: Project Hero, education and occupation

“Canada is limiting access to post-secondary education by systematically underfunding it. The children of Canadians working in the military deserve a free education, but they also deserve more. They deserve to have their parents. They deserve an end to our imperialist war in Afghanistan. First Nations and Afghans both deserve the right to self-determination and [...]

Des armes qui dérangent

Des groupes pacifistes accusent les Forces canadiennes de faire appel à l’exposition d’arsenal militaire afin de rendre l’armée plus attrayante auprès des jeunes.

Bangladeshi Child Sex Slaves Force-Fed Bovine Steroids to Look Older

“Life is getting even more dangerous for the young girls enslaved in the many, massive brothels across Bangladesh, thanks to a disturbing and growing trend: force-feeding child trafficking victims a steroid used to fatten cattle. The long-term side affects of such drugs on humans are largely unknown, but the short-term effects range from dangerous to [...]

UN: 346 Afghan children killed in 2009, more than half by NATO

More than 2,400 civilians were killed last year, the deadliest for Afghan civilians since the fall of the Taliban regime in late 2001.

UN saved us from war…but left us to die from poisoning

Little Sara Jahirovic is dying a slow, painful death. Staring up with big, haunting brown eyes, Sara is a victim of broken promises by United Nations charity chiefs more than a decade after British troops helped free Kosovo. Her desperate father – he has eight other children – explains that at the age of three [...]

Afghan children ‘die from neglect’

Afghan refugees who fled the war-torn south have claimed they are so neglected by government in Kabul that their children are dying from hypothermia for want of the most basic supplies.

N.B. has let children suffer: youth advocate

New Brunswick has let many of its young people, particularly in First Nations communities, suffer in “shocking” conditions, the province’s child and youth advocate says. Bernard Richard made the comments Friday during the release of his annual report on living conditions for children in the province. The former Liberal cabinet minister criticized the current Liberal [...]

From Canada to Afghanistan — Education is a right!

The money Canada has spent on the war in Afghanistan could abolish tuition fees for every student in the country for the next 6 years. On November 5, thousands of students and supporters will be marching to demand better access to education in Canada. The Canadian Peace Alliance supports the campaign to Drop Fees for [...]

Australia is to apologise for the appalling treatment meted out to thousands of boys and girls shipped to its shores as orphans

The British orphans were shipped to Australia where they were forced to labour, and subjected to vicious sexual assault by the Catholic Church. They had the same experience as the indigenous children in the colonized land, and now suffer the same problems faced by individuals subjected to residential schools. Except this only happened for one [...]

Soldier suffering from PTSD gets probation

A judge said Monday a soldier who assaulted his two pre-teen sons is a victim as well – he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) brought on by military tours overseas.