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Stop Military Recruiting in Our Schools

The Canadian Armed Forces are actively recruiting through their forty-two recruitment centres across the country, their website, at various major public events (such as exhibitions, sports games, etc.), and even at high schools, colleges and universities. In fact, they have even conducted “outreach” at elementary schools. As reported by on June 15, 2007, “The [...]

US military sees parents as big recruiting barrier

The biggest obstacle for U.S. military recruiters is not finding young Americans willing to enlist in wartime, it’s dealing with their parents, according to the Pentagon.

Open Letter concerning UNB/Military “Collaboration”

If you would like to add your support to this letter please send (or deliver it) to Dr. McLaughlin with your name added. e-mail: Office location: Sir Howard Douglas Hall, 111, UNB Fredericton campus Office Phone: 506-453-4567 ———————————————————————————————————- Open Letter to Dr. John McLaughlin, President of the University of New Brunswick April 6, 2007 [...]

Mom: military seduces young

Valley woman, whose son is in Afghanistan, complains of ‘brainwashing’

Military alters recruitment process to hit N.B. quota

The military is hoping to get more New Brunswickers to join up by using a less intimidating recruitment method: no-commitment aptitude testing. The Canadian Armed Forces held a Wednesday information session in Miramichi at the city’s Service Canada office, away from their traditional recruiting offices.

University centres hot on Afghan peace get left out of federal funding loop

With the the release last week of the Senate’s oddly contradictory report on Canada’s Kandahar mission, the country is once again awash in foreign policy polemics. But can we really have a fair Afghanistan debate when so many of the sources we rely on for info are bankrolled by the Department of National Defence (DND)?

Grandmothers Block Recruiters – Six are Arrested

On Friday, February 2, 2007, members of the Surge Protection Brigade in Portland, Oregon successfully blocked entrance to the Army/Marine Recruiting office on NE Broadway for two and a half hours. Emphasizing that many of them are grandmothers, they arrived at 7:45 AM with their rocking chairs. They rocked and stood in front of the [...]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper calls U.S. security demands ‘big worries’

The list of some 17 countries whose citizens are deemed to be security threats to the US includes Haiti and Venezuela. Specific regulations outlined in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations not only applies to industries but also places restrictions on research by citizens holding “undesirable” passports in the academic community.

Drop Fees Not Bombs

Media Release Youth Encourage Youth to “Drop Fees Not Bombs” Non-Military Options to be Promoted at Canadian Recruitment Centre Vigils For Immediate Release: Oct 27, 2006 Ottawa – In Fredericton, Ottawa, and Vancouver the growing Canadian counter-recruitment movement will engage in youth-to-youth street outreach in front of local recruiting centres on Friday, October 27, 2006. [...]

Canadian military sets sights on student athletes

The Department of National Defence is stepping up recruitment efforts aimed at university athletes through a $500,000 marketing agreement with Canadian Interuniversity Sport.