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LONDON, England: Video of first arrests, scuffles at Ecuador embassy before Assange asylum decision

JULIAN ASSANGE GRANTED DIPLOMATIC ASYLUM BY ECUADOR: Ricardo Patino reminds Britain that Ecuador is not a British colony.

Ecuadorans in court over Canadian mine

Three Ecuadoran villagers were in a Toronto court Thursday, trying to preserve their lawsuit against a Vancouver-based copper mining company. Villagers filed a $1 billion human rights lawsuit last year against Copper Mesa Mining Corp., two of its directors and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Canadian Mining Firm Financed Violence in Ecuador: Lawsuit

In another ambitious and possibly precedent-setting case, Klippenstein is representing three villagers from the valley of Intag in northwestern Ecuador who are suing Copper Mesa Mining Corporation and the Toronto Stock Exchange. They allege that company directors and the TMX Group have not done enough to reduce the risk of harm being faced by farmers [...]


From November 21-23, the annual November vigil to close the SOA/WHINSEC at the gates of Fort Benning will follow the election of President Barack Obama by two weeks. It will be an opportunity for the progressive movement to set an agenda for a new direction in U.S.-Latin America foreign policy.

They persecute us, they threaten us, they slander us. They are trying to make us bow our heads. As long as they don’t succeed, we are still victorious!

Ecuadorian woman fighting Canadian company faces criminal charges Press release 22 October 2008 Women Defenders of the Pachamama (Defensoras de la Pachamama) In Ecuador, woman activist faces criminal charges, persecution and defamation as a result of participating in public protests against mining corporations. This Thursday 23rd October our colleague Lina Solano has been ordered to [...]

Chevron’s proifits shadowed by human rights complaints

Despite higher profits on record oil prices, the board of directors at Chevron Corp, the No. 2 US petroleum producer, was lambasted at the company’s annual meeting on Wednesday.

A Quechua Christmas Carol

Correa is one of the first dark-skinned men to win election to this Quechua and mixed-race nation. Certainly, one of the first from the streets. He’d won a surprise victory over the richest man in Ecuador, the owner of the biggest banana plantation. Doctor Correa, I should say, with a Ph.D in economics earned in [...]