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Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War

More than 100 are arrested in the U.S. in a protest against the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Pakistan: Women, children and the flood

“Hell on earth is the only way one can describe the situation in the flood affected areas of Pakistan. People are going hungry, children are being hit by disease, poor pregnant women are lying in the open air under the rain. In these conditions the comrades of the PTUDC are doing what they can with [...]

Light a Candle for Baluchistan: Baluch protest exploitation of Barrick Gold

Baluchistan is Pakistan’s largest geographic province and is home to the Baluch people, a tribal people who are indigenous to the region. There has been a longstanding struggle in this region for greater autonomy and independence, alongside a history of repression and exploitation of natural resources. A man who is on the council of the [...]

7 Reasons You Should Join the March on the Pentagon on March 21, 2009

1 The war in Afghanistan is expanding and widening. 2 About 350,000 U.S. troops and U.S.-paid private contractors (mercenaries) still occupy Iraq. 3 Israel’s Siege of Gaza remains in place, with the full backing of Washington. 4 The new Justice Department has announced that it will continue the policy of renditions, meaning the CIA and [...]

Arundhati Roy: Mumbai was not India’s 9/11

The Mumbai attacks have been dubbed ‘India’s 9/11′, and there are calls for a 9/11-style response, including an attack on Pakistan. Instead, the country must fight terrorism with justice, or face civil war.

Nato supplies torched in Pakistan

“The militants came just past midnight, firing in the air, sprinkled petrol on containers and then set them on fire,” Mohammad Zaman, a security guard at the terminal on the Peshawar ring road, said. “They told us they would not harm us, but they asked us not to work for the Americans.” Includes pictures of [...]

Time to Renounce the War on Terror From Mumbai to Washington

“The lessons of the past seven years are that there is no military solution to terrorism; that a militarized response only feeds the same constellation of forces that produce support for terrorism; that a war on terror enhances the power of extremists on both sides and shuts down the space for dialogue, diplomacy and decency.”

Report: Exams prove abuse, torture in Iraq, Gitmo

The most extensive medical study of former U.S. detainees published so far, Physicians for Human Rights had doctors and mental health professionals examine 11 former prisoners. One former detainee reported being subjected to electric shocks three times and being sodomized with a stick. His thumbs bore round scars consistent with shocking. All 11 former detainees [...]

A Pipeline Through a Troubled Land

Afghanistan, Canada and the New Great Energy Game Energy economist John Foster says the (so-called Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India or TAPI) pipeline is part of a wider struggle by the United States to counter the influence of Russia and Iran over energy trade in the region…The US government is eager to block a competing pipeline that would bring [...]

Afghanistan: Mirage of the Good War

Reasons for the West’s stalemate in Afghanistan sought neither in lack of troops and imperial treasure, nor in Pakistani obstruction, but in the very nature of the occupation regime. Tariq Ali on the actual results of ‘state-building’ in the Hindu Kush, as a broken country is subjected to the combined predations of NGOs and NATO.