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Recruiting centre should not be in mall

By Alisa Carnall June 17, 2008 In our society, we pride ourselves on being nonviolent. In our schools, we teach our children to stand up to bullies and not to use violence to solve differences of opinion. In our laws, we prosecute people for spousal violence and child abuse. In our sporting venues, we are [...]

Atlantic casualties

Rodenhiser argues that the military is a good career option. But he should ask why 23 per cent of military recruits come from Atlantic Canada, while 7.2 per cent of Canada’s population lives in this region. Clearly, Atlantic Canadians have rejected Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s view of them as having a “culture of defeat,” and [...]

Institutionalizing Support for War Efforts: Welcome to UNB’s Gregg Centre

Asaf Rashid (Sept 23, 2006) Universities are places of critical thought and study, not places where there is simply complacent acceptance of ideas just because those ideas are supportive of particularly influential institutions in our society. Considering this, UNB’s recently unveiled Milton Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society is an example of [...]