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Opposition parties call for RCMP Taser ban

Opposition parties want the RCMP to stop using Taser stun guns after the force refused to reclassify the weapons to restrict use. The Liberals and NDP say the Mounties missed a parliamentary committee’s Dec. 15 deadline to categorize the 50,000-volt electronic devices as impact weapons. Reclassifying Tasers would limit their use to situations where a [...]

Tasers must be banned in New Brunswick

Mobilization Statement February 11, 2008 Tasers must be banned in New Brunswick Fredericton – Currently, the New Brunswick government has refused to call a moratorium on Taser use. On November 21, 2007, New Brunswick Public Safety Minister John Foran said he is not prepared to ban the use of Tasers by the province’s police. On [...]

N.B. officers require yearly certification to use Tasers

Police encouraged to call for medical help when arresting the mentally distressed

Shocked in Death, Shocked in Life: More than a Taser Story

The world saw a video last week of Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers using a Taser against a Polish man in the Vancouver International Airport in October. The man, Robert Dziekanski, died soon after the attack. In recent days, more details have come out about him. It turns out that the 40-year-old didn’t just die [...]

Tasers a form of torture, says UN

TASER electronic stun guns are a form of torture that can kill, a UN committee has declared after several recent deaths in North America.

Man dies in N.S. jail after Taser hit

A man has died in a Dartmouth jail about 30 hours after he was jolted by a Taser, prompting Nova Scotia’s justice minister to order a review of police use of the weapon.

Fredericton police to use Tasers despite controversy

CBC on the plans of the Fredericton Police to use tasers.