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The Real News: NATO Summit Kicked Off with Massive Demonstrations

Thousands gathered to protest the NATO summit in Chicago. Afghan/Iraq War Vets also protested. “I don’t want any part of it anymore. I choose human life over war, militarism and imperialism,” said one man.

Not Another Extension Bring the Troops Home Now!

Canadian Peace Alliance Prime Minister Stephen Harper has suggested that Canadian Special Forces troops may remain in Afghanistan after 2014. This is the third time that Harper has lied to Canadians, saying that he will not extend the mission then flip-flopping and keeping troops in the war torn country. The Canadian Peace Alliance and Afghans [...]

RAWA activist speaks on 10th Anniversary of Afghanistan War

Reena, a member of the Revolutionary Association of the women of Afghanistan (RAWA), will address American audiences via live video stream on Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 at 10pm EST/11 pm AST.

Retreating from Kandahar to take Tripoli

Canadian military forces have handed over combat command in Kandahar to take a lead role in NATO operations in Libya.

NATO Says Airstrike in Afghan Province Killed Women and Children

NATO forces said Thursday that they had unwittingly killed several women and children a day earlier during an early morning air attack against militants in a remote corner of eastern Afghanistan. The American-led coalition also said it was investigating separate reports of civilian deaths in a nearby province.

Galloway launches $1.5 million legal action against Canadian government

George Galloway is suing the Canadian government for $1.5 million.

5th Annual RAWA Variety Show Benefit

* Stay updated and spread the word on Facebook With: * Voices from RAWA & Afghans for Peace * Raging Grannies * Debbie Adshade * NB RebELLEs’ Gumbooting Troupe * Sylvia Hale on women and war * Beth Lyons, Advisory Council on the Status of Women * Fredericton Sexual Crisis Centre * Fredericton Peace Coalition [...]

Canadian troops blamed for $100M in property damage

This week, a delegation of Afghan government officials claimed the offensive has come at an astronomical cost: upwards of $100 million in damaged fruit crops, livestock and property.

Hockey fan group challenge Cherry’s pro-war stance

“Hockey Fans for Peace plans to rally outside the HNIC broadcast of Saturday night’s Vancouver Canucks game against the Detroit Red Wings at Rogers Arena in Vancouver to make the point that hockey fans have the democratic right to speak out against the war in Afghanistan.”

Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War

More than 100 are arrested in the U.S. in a protest against the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.