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Former Canadian PM Chretien urged to withdraw from Ivanhoe mine in Burma

The Canadian Friends of Burma (CFOB), a Non-Governmental Organization, has exhorted Jean Chretien, former Canadian Prime Minister to cancel his contract with the Canadian firm Ivanhoe Mines operating a copper mine in northwest Burma. Speaking to Mizzima, Tin Maung Htoo, Executive Director of the Canada based CFOB on Friday said, it is disgraceful that Jean [...]

Chevron’s proifits shadowed by human rights complaints

Despite higher profits on record oil prices, the board of directors at Chevron Corp, the No. 2 US petroleum producer, was lambasted at the company’s annual meeting on Wednesday.

MYANMAR CYCLONE – U.S. hostility hampers relief

What is not reported is that the Bush administration, with criminal calculation and planning, consciously made the relief efforts far more difficult. The day before Cyclone Nargis actually hit Myanmar, but when the approach of the monster storm had already being announced and tracked for a week, President George W. Bush signed a harsh new [...]

The geopolitical stakes of ‘Saffron Revolution’

There are facts and then there are facts. Take the case of the recent mass protests in Burma or Myanmar, depending on which name you prefer to call the former British colony. First it’s a fact which few will argue that the present military dictatorship of the reclusive General Than Shwe is right up there [...]

Comparing the Canadian Government and Media Response – Burma and Haiti

So there are some seeming contradictions in the Canadian government’s response to the repression of pro-democracy demonstrations. In Burma, we find rhetoric but no action with extensive media coverage, while in Haiti we find official silence and much destructive action with a virtual media blackout. All this raises serious questions about the role of the [...]

Chevron’s Pipeline Is the Burmese Regime’s Lifeline

Amy Goodman: The barbarous military regime depends on revenue from the nation’s gas reserves and partners such as Chevron, a detail ignored by the Bush administration.

Burma Military Junta Cracks Down on Protesters; 8 People Killed, Hundreds of Monks Rounded Up

DN!: In Burma, military forces have killed up to eight people, including five Buddhist monks. The military used batons, tear gas and live rounds in a violent crackdown on mass protests against the military junta. Hundreds of monks have been rounded up in raids on several monasteries. The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting [...]