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Humanitarian relief urgently needed in Haiti, not militarization of aid

January 19, 2010 – The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) urges its member organizations and supporters to give generously to the relief efforts responding to the catastrophic disaster in Haiti following last week’s massive earthquake. The CPA also wishes to express its deep concern about the deployment of up to an additional 1,000 Canadian Forces to [...]

Tuesday – Aristide and the Endless Revolution

Update: A group of university students have raised hundreds of dollars for Haiti relief by selling fair trade coffee on the campus of St. Thomas University. We also raised money from a screening of Aristide and the Endless Revolution last night. We will send our money to Partners in Health. FILM FUNDRAISER FOR HAITI Haiti [...]

Ten Things the US Can and Should Do for Haiti

By Bill Quigley, ZSpace One. Allow all Haitians in the US to work. The number one source of money for poor people in Haiti is the money sent from family and workers in the US back home. Haitians will continue to help themselves if given a chance. Haitians in the US will continue to help [...]

Our Role in Haiti’s Plight

Peter Hallward: Any large city in the world would have suffered extensive damage from an earthquake on the scale of the one that ravaged Haiti’s capital city on Tuesday afternoon, but it’s no accident that so much of Port-au-Prince now looks like a war zone. Much of the devastation wreaked by this latest and most [...]

Death watch in Haiti’s jails

Haitian human rights lawyer Evel Fanfan estimates that six thousand people were arrested in Port-au-Prince because of their political loyalties in March 2004, the month following Aristide’s ousting. Although some were released soon afterward, since that time both the Haitian police and the UN peacekeepeing mission MINUSTAH (United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti) have conducted [...]

UN admits concerns with RCMP-trained Haitian National Police

Agence Haitienne de Presse (see article here) reports that Michel Forst, the UN’s independent expert on human rights in Haiti, is expressing concerns with the Haitian National Police. Haiti’s police force is being trained by the Canadian RCMP, although the RCMP is now trying to hand off this training on a private security force.

The Coup in Honduras, ALBA, and the English-Speaking Caribbean

Faiz Ahmed: The coup against Zelaya, the utterly illegal removal of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide five and a half years before that, and the short-lived coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez two years before that all show that international capitalism cannot tolerate any domestic agenda which includes an objective of self-sufficiency. Added to this intolerance [...]

Anthony Fenton on worthy and unworthy victims

Two years ago today, one of Haiti’s most tireless and well-known political and human rights activists, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, was kidnapped. He has not been seen since and has presumably been killed; for now, he remains ‘disappeared,’ both literally and figuratively – his body has yet to surface, and the media and the self described ‘friends [...]

U.N. forces kill Haitian mourner

A variety of news sources (LINKS: AP / Pacific Free Press / Al Jazeera) are reporting on the U.N. force MINUSTAH killing a mourner attending the funeral of priest and Lavalas activist Gerard Jean Juste. Numerous witnesses, including lawmakers, witnessed the killing of a young Haitian man by U.N. forces from Brazil. U.N. spokesperson Fred [...]

Father Gérard Jean-Juste: The People’s Priest (1946-2009)

Here’s one anecdote that captures the man. While he was jailed for political reasons in late 2005, the priest took part of his prison rations and any extra food friends and family had brought him and distributed it to hungry residents of the neighborhood outside his prison cell window. Father Gérard Jean-Juste, one of Haiti’s [...]