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Canada backs Colombia’s growing embrace of US military

“And Canada? Our government supported the agreement too. Canadian mining, oil and gas companies are Colombia’s third biggest source of foreign investment, operating almost exclusively in remote zones of the country where armed protection is a precondition to profit. The question is, protection from whom? Both Plan Colombia and the new Defense Cooperation Agreement identify [...]

Political Prisoners in Venezuela?

Eva Golinger: When politicians and political actors commit crimes, can they hide behind cries of persecution? As international organizations backed by Washington condemn the Chavez administration for alleged political persecution, the facts shed light on the difference between activism and crime.

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls for International Organisation of Left Parties

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for the formation of a “Fifth International” of left parties and social movements to confront the challenge posed by the global crisis of capitalism.

Venezuela Returns Land to Indigenous Communities On Indigenous Resistance Day

Celebrating 517 years of indigenous resistance to invasion and colonisation Venezuela marked Indigenous Resistance Day on Monday with a street march through the capital, Caracas, the granting of title deeds to indigenous communities, and a special session of the National Assembly.

Julio Chavez to speak on participatory democracy in Venezuela on Monday

Julio Chávez on “From Representative Democracy to Participatory Democracy” Monday, Oct. 5th, 2009, 7pm at Renaissance College UNB, 811 Charlotte St, Fredericton From Venezuela, Julio Chavez is a member of the Lara state assembly, and head of the Venezuelan presidential commission on popular power and participatory democracy. He has been active in grassroots politics all [...]

The Coup in Honduras, ALBA, and the English-Speaking Caribbean

Faiz Ahmed: The coup against Zelaya, the utterly illegal removal of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide five and a half years before that, and the short-lived coup against Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez two years before that all show that international capitalism cannot tolerate any domestic agenda which includes an objective of self-sufficiency. Added to this intolerance [...]

Chavez: Don’t blow winds of war on North Korea

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has cautioned against blowing winds of war on North Korea over its efforts to put a satellite in orbit. “With a lack of information and even with contradictory information … I prefer to have a large measure of prudence,” Chavez told a Venezuelan TV station from Tokyo on Sunday. “As the [...]

Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

Venezuela has expelled the Israeli ambassador to protest against the country’s assault on Gaza, after the Venezuelan president described it as a “holocaust”.

Big Oil and Big Media vs. Venezuela

High-level US officials from the administration, Congress, and Pentagon are pressuring the puppet Iraqi parliament to pass its new “Hydrocarbon Law” drafted in Washington and by Big US and UK oil companies. Its provisions are in stark contrast to Venezuela’s oil management policies under Hugo Chavez. For Chavez, his nation and peoples’ interests come first. [...]

Latin America’s Shock Resistance

“…. for the past thirty-five years in Latin America, such shocks from outside have served to create the political conditions required to justify the imposition of “shock therapy”–the constellation of corporate-friendly “emergency” economic measures like large-scale privatizations and deep cuts to social spending that debilitate the state in the name of free markets. In one [...]