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Tara’s reflection on the Mining the Connections Forum

Reflection on the Mining the Connections Forum, Tatamagouche NS, November 2008. Excerpt: In view of this, I was absolutely shocked and appalled at how little legislation there is in Canada regarding mining, and how little protection there is for the environment and surrounding communities. What was most distressing to me was learning about how the [...]

Beyond Bogota

Garry Leech, independent journalist and lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Cape Breton University, has spent the last eight years working in the most remote and dangerous regions of Colombia, uncovering the unofficial stories of people living in conflict zones. Beyond Bogotá is framed around the eleven hours that Leech was held captive [...]

Colombian Coal and New Brunswick Power: A Case of Environmental Racism

A case of environmental racism in New Brunswick concerns the coal extracted from mines in Colombia that is then exported to our province for power generation. Coal from Colombia has been dubbed “Colombian blood coal” because of violent displacement of communities and assassinations of union leaders at the country’s coal mines.

Legalizing Terror: The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Toronto, December 7, 2008. Featuring: • Jesús Erazo, union leader with Sintracarbon, Colombia, talking about working conditions and their opposition to the Colombia-Canada Free Trade Agreement.

No free trade with Colombia without a guarantee of human rights

“The Colombian government needs to guarantee the human rights of all peoples before Canada considers moving forward with this trade deal.” Brother Omar Fernandez, Franciscan member of the Colombian Social Movements Coalition (COMOSOC), recently in Canada to meet with KAIROS network members and Parliamentarians.

Our Warmth Their Blood

Colombian Union Activist Visits Fredericton In Colombia, some of the most powerless people-indigenous people with no resources, no electricity, no water-and some of the most vulnerable- unions in a country with the highest rates of assassination and repression against union activists in the world-are taking on some of the most powerful multinationals. Jesus Brochero, a [...]


From November 21-23, the annual November vigil to close the SOA/WHINSEC at the gates of Fort Benning will follow the election of President Barack Obama by two weeks. It will be an opportunity for the progressive movement to set an agenda for a new direction in U.S.-Latin America foreign policy.

The Steep Price of Power

Colombian coal fuels Atlantic Canada, but at what cost?

Report on BHP Billiton Shareholders’ Meeting

Richard Solly, of Colombia Solidarity Campaign, spoke about the Cerrejon mine in Colombia. He noted that since the Independent Panel of Investigation into the mine’s impacts published its report early this year there had been progress towards a settlement with the people of Tabaco and negotiations had begun with other communities facing relocation. He said [...]

Forgotten Guajira: “We’re human beings and we deserve respect”

“We’re human beings and we deserve respect,” exclaimed a municipal councilor from the Department of Guajira in northeastern Colombia. Known as “the Forgotten Guajira” the councilor revealed the devastating impacts of Cerrejón, one of the largest open pit coal mines in the world, on surrounding communities that are principally indigenous and afro-descendent. NB Power and [...]